Yamaha TMax SX Sport Edition (2018)

Yamaha TMax SX Sport Edition (2018)
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In order to meet the even sportier demands, Yamaha is equipping the TMax SX Sport Edition with an Akrapovic exhaust and carbon cover. This combination flatters the eye and the ear at the same time. The TMAX SX Sport Edition also has a more sporty and additionally tinted windshield and a new license plate holder.

Other features include paintwork in Sword Gray and Matt Silver, the gold-colored, motorcycle-like upside-down fork and blue rims.

Yamaha TMax SX Sport Edition costs 13,195 euros

The TMax family includes now four versions.

The rest of the Yamaha TMax , however, remains unchanged: It continues to rely on the 530 cm³ in-line twin-cylinder with 46 hp and 53 Nm torque, the accelerates it to up to 165 km /h and makes it suitable for an A2 driving license. Cost for the Sport Edition: 13,195 euros.


in addition to the new Sport Edition of TMax is also further into the luxury version DX (13,195 euros), the sports version of SX (12,295 euros) and the basic variant TMax (11,495 euros).


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