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Yamaha Sports Ride Concept at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show

Stefan Cerchez
Yamaha Sports Ride Concept in Tokyo
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I s it possible to build a car, that is just as fun to drive as a motorcycle? Yamaha wants to be at least close with a design concept that caused a sensation at the Tokyo Motor Show 2015. The Yamaha recipe for motorcycle fun in a two-seater coupé: balanced weight distribution, rear-wheel drive and lightweight construction. So actually a well-known mix.

Special chassis construction

However, the chassis on is still rather unknown which the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept builds. It is manufactured using the so-called iStream technology. A production process in which individual panels - made of carbon, for example - are glued to a tubular frame.

The idea comes from the British company Gordon Murray Design Limited - founded by the legendary racing car manufacturer Gordan Murray. Due to the technology, the chassis should be very light, but at the same time extremely torsion-resistant. In the case of the Yamaha Sports Ride Concept, the manufacturer speaks of only 750 kilograms. This could turn the rear /mid-engine sports car into a fun driving grenade with around 100 HP. However, there is currently no information on the possible motorization of the Sports Ride Concept - except that it will not be a unit from the Yamaha motorcycle construction kit. The lack of a shift lever and the shift paddles on the steering wheel indicate at least a partially automated transmission.

The 3.90 meter short and 1.17 meter flat prototype with the bulky name Yamaha Sports Ride Concept underlines its dynamic ambitions with an aggressively designed front with large cooling inlets and a rear with diffuser and prominently placed double - Tailpipe.

The company also did not provide any information on possible series production. Other models should easily grow from the iStream substructure. For example a city runabout or SUV.


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