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Xing Mobility Miss R: The megawatt electric sports car

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Xing Mobility Miss R
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V iel performance and little weight - that's also the case with the Miss R-Projekt from Taiwan the ingredients for a radical super sports car. The developers from Taipei are also relying on a certain off-road suitability for their sports car.

The Miss R is powered by four electric motors, one on each wheel, with a total output of 1,000 kW. with this, the two-seater should spurt from zero to 100 km /h in just 1.8 seconds. The 200 km /h mark is torn after 5.1 seconds. The top speed is given as over 270 km /h.

When it comes to batteries, the announcements are already narrow-lipped. The lithium-ion battery pack is to consist of 98 modules and 4,116 cells, sits in the vehicle underbody and has a special cooling system. There is no information on range and loading times. The energy storage should be easily exchangeable so that the journey could continue after 5 minutes, provided that a charged energy storage is available.

Dugout canoe with free-standing wheels

The idiosyncratic sports car project is also starting an idiosyncratic design. The two passengers sit in a monocoque with a steel subframe that houses the units, the horizontally arranged suspension struts and the control electronics. A narrow cabin with a large glass dome and no visible doors is placed over it. The wheels remain free-standing, only covered by mudguards with integrated air control elements. To the left and right of the vertically chopped off nose, Miss R has two free-standing round spotlights. The rear, which also slopes almost vertically, is strongly drawn in. Two ventilation openings open out in front of the rear wheels.

A first ready-to-drive prototype of the Miss R should be ready by the end of 2018. In 2019, the production of a small series limited to just 20 copies will start. The basic price is one million dollars.


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