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  • X7, Maybach-GLS, Urus & amp; Co .: These luxury SUVs will be available until 2019

X7, Maybach-GLS, Urus & amp; Co .: These luxury SUVs will be available until 2019

X7, Maybach-GLS, Urus & Co.
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A lle 7 models from 7 manufacturers will vie for the favor of the well-off and luxury-spoiled by 2019. We have outlined the future of the super-luxury SUV with all the information currently available - for planning, saving and winning the lottery.

But there is not much time left: 2016 will start:

Maserati Levante

  • Market launch: spring 2016

It may not be the biggest the most expensive and heaviest of the new luxury SUVs of the coming years, but, hey, it's a Maserati. It partially uses the chassis of the Jeep Cherokee, based on the styling of the Ghibli and the Quattroporte.

The 4.90 meter long luxury SUV is powered by a 3.0-liter V6, which it brings up to 430 hp depending on the power level. Top speed is reached at 264 km /h and 100 things are done in 5.2 seconds. A diesel with 275 hp is also in the range. Coupled with the ZF eight-speed automatic transmission, the engine power is directed to all four wheels. The base price: 75,000 euros.

Lincoln Navigator

  • Market launch 2017

It was the eye-catcher at the New York Auto Show 2016: The Lincoln Navigator Concept with huge double doors and retractable steps. Drive: a six-cylinder biturbo with 3.5 liter displacement. In 2017 the giant thing will come onto the market with conventional doors, without a show staircase, but with the six-cylinder and the elegant interior. For the passengers, luxury simply means space: the Navigator will be available as a six or seven-seater.

Mercedes-Maybach GLS

  • Market launch: 2018

After the S-Class in Maybach version, there will also be an E-Class in the luxury version in 2017. The SUV based on the new generation of the GLS has not yet been decided, but commitments to the model are increasing. The Mercedes-Maybach GLS as an all-wheel-drive model should be of particular interest to the markets in China, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the USA. The equipment is based on the Maybach S-Class. Means: Power engines (V8 and V12 with around 455 PS or 530 PS, possibly as a hybrid), plenty of legroom in the rear, single reclining seats, high-end interior with leather, wood and fine fabrics.In addition, there are individual equipment options to make the Mercedes-Maybach GLS as unique as possible in terms of comfort and price.


  • Market launch: 2018

The large SUV by BMW will be manufactured in the US plant in Spartanburg from 2018 and is the Bavarian and timely answer to the Mercedes-Maybach GLS. The BMW X7 as a seven-seater on the market - but in order to be able to survive in the super-luxury SUV segment, the BMW X7 should also come on the market as a four-seater with elegant and luxurious equipment - and with plenty of space in the rear. On the drive side, the X7, which is based on the CLAR-Alu platform, is likely to be equipped from the new modular engine system up to the V12; hybrid and plug-in hybrid technology are also planned. Of course, the X7 will also have the latest infotainment architecture with voice and gesture control as well as freely programmable displays.

Rolls Royce Project Cullinan

  • Market launch 2018

Although the Rolls-Royce SUV may be like the BMW X7 from the 7-bay shelf, but the brand's first off-roader does not have its platform. The aluminum spaceframe is reserved for the upcoming Rolls-Royce models, as it allows stronger axles, air suspension and a special seating system. The Rolls Royce Cullinan - the name is not yet fixed - will be at least 5.50 meters in length and will come onto the market with all-wheel drive. On the drive side, the well-known V12 - perhaps as a hybrid - should be used. Of course, the SUV will also be able to enjoy the luxury equipment that is typical of Rolls-Royce.

Lamborghini Urus

  • Market launch in 2018

Already in 2012 Lamborghini at Auto China made the desire for the off-road Lambo with the concept car. Six years later, the Lamborghini Urus will become reality: all-wheel drive, of course! V10 or V12? No chance, CO2, you know! 4.0 liter V8? Set, with at least 605 hp and 750 Nm.

Aston Martin DBX

  • Market launch 2019

After the Bentley Bentayga and the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, the third British luxury brand is also striving into the SUV segment. Aston Martin will be in Wales in 2020 contest the first full year of production with the DBX. unlike the two British competitors, Aston continuesMartin however, on a GT crossover concept. That is to say, an SUV coupe, sportier lines and a filigree look. In contrast to the DBX study, which was shown as a two-door and with an electric drive, the DBX comes in the series version with four doors, all-wheel drive and a V12 hybrid drive train.

Torque! Top speed: 250 km /h electronically braked. Price? around 180,000 euros. Approx. 1 to 2 years after the market launch, Lamborghini wants from Urus add another hybrid version.

Audi Q9

  • Market launch: ????

The large SUV from Audi has been haunted for years. There is nothing concrete - especially after the VW diesel scandal. In view of the success of the SUV coup├ęs from BMW and Mercedes, Audi had already planned specifically with the Audi Q8 from 2017. An Audi Q9 was a pure hybrid Version under discussion. The Audi Q7 already shares the platform of the Bentley Bentayga.


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