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Wrong CO2 values ​​at VW: These cars are affected

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Incorrect CO2 values ​​at VW
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How many vehicles are affected by the CO2 scandal?

A According to internal tests, VW currently states that only 36,000 models are affected. Originally it was said that the CO2 value was incorrectly stated for around 800,000 vehicles worldwide, of which 430,000 vehicles from the 2016 model year are affected. The exact number given at the time was: 15,733 Audi, 32,161 Seat, 83,282 Skoda, 281,617 VW and 17,253 VW commercial vehicles.

What is new about the other revelations?

VW found in internal tests that they gave too low CO2 figures and thus consumption figures for certain vehicles. The revelations by the US environmental protection agency EPA a few weeks ago concerned manipulation software in diesel engines that enabled lower nitrogen oxide (NOx) values ​​in emissions tests on test stands.

On Wednesday, December 9, 2015, VW announced , the follow-up measurements will be checked by a neutral technical service by Christmas 2015.

For which models have incorrect CO2 values ​​been given?

In our photo show we show the affected model series, as a free download you can download a list as a pdf in our download box. The updated list includes nine vehicles at VW. Specifically, there are VW Polo, VW Scirocco, VW Jetta, VW Golf, VW Golf Cabrio, VW Passat Alltrack and VW Passat. The details for the group subsidiaries Audi, Skoda and Seat are still pending. Originally the A1 was affected at Audi, the Ibiza, Toledo and the Leon at Seat. At Skoda it is the Fabia, Rapid, Yeti, Octavia and Superb.

Where can I check whether my car is also affected?

The VW Group is expanding the brands' national customer information pages on the Internet to include the CO2 issue. Customers can find out whether their vehicle is affected by entering the vehicle identification number (VIN; Vehicle Identification Number).

  • Volkswagen customer information
  • Audi customer information
  • Skoda customer information
  • Seat customer information
What is CO2?

Carbon dioxide is a chemical compound made of carbon and oxygen. Among other things, it arises during combustion from fossil fuels, e.g. Petrol or diesel. CO2 is considered to be the cause of the greenhouse effect

How big is the discrepancy between the wrong and the right values?

Originally it was estimated that VW's CO2 -Emissions by around 18% too low. Now Volkswagen has recorded an increase of 'a few grams of CO2' in the follow-up measurements - which corresponds to an increase in cycle consumption in the NEDC of 0.1 to 0.2 liters per 100 kilometers. interview__frage '> What does that mean for consumption?

The CO2 figure and the figure on the consumption of a vehicle are directly related.
(One liter of petrol corresponds to 2,380 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2). A liter of diesel is equivalent to 2,650 grams of CO2). So 10% more CO2 means that the vehicle also uses 10% more.

What are the effects of an excessively high CO2 figure - do I have to pay more vehicle tax?

First, the customer bought a vehicle that consumed more than stated. In addition, the engine capacity and CO2 value form the basis for the vehicle tax. However, Volkswagen has already announced that any additional tax burden will be billed directly to the group and not to the customers of the cars concerned. Thus nothing changes with the vehicle tax. Experts in Germany originally put the tax loss at up to 100 million euros.

What do the current investigations of the public prosecutor's office against VW mean for me as a car owner?

Formally, the car owners of the affected vehicles are now tax debtors, but the public prosecutor's office has been investigating VW as the person responsible for the evasion since November 24, 2015 - more precisely, five people are the focus of the investigation.

A fraud trial is also to be initiated be conceivable, 'a fraud may be difficult to prove, because the consumption and CO2 emissions of a vehicle are just one of many purchase decisions,' said the NDR in a press release. The investigations are irrelevant for the car owner. VW will pay the higher vehicle tax.

Can I continue to drive my car?

Yes, the safety of the vehicles is guaranteed, like this VW.

Can my car be shut down?

No, there will be no technical changes.

Will the affected vehicles also be called back now?

That will not happen either. VW communicated incorrect values. In contrast to the diesel models with manipulation software that are recalled, neither an update nor technical parts need to be replaced

What does the VW cost?

According to initial estimates, the economic damage amounts to around 2 billion euros.

What does VW say?

'The real consumption values ​​of customers are not changing , In addition, no technical measures are necessary on the vehicles. The originally expected negative impact on earnings of 2 billion euros has not been confirmed against this background. Whether to a lesser extent economic burdens depends on the result of the follow-up measurements. '

In our photo show we show you all the models that have so far been affected by the CO2 emissions scandal.


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