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Beate Jeske
Opel 2016 workshop test
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E for a while things looked bleak at Opel. Financial difficulties and the closure of the Bochum plant scratched the company's image. The picture in the last auto motor und sport workshop test in 2013 fit well: the brand achieved a catastrophically poor result with only 46 points.

Although the most difficult seems to have been overcome, the current test can only breathe a sigh of relief, but not at all Be cause for joy. Because an average of 79 points in the overall result is a mediocre result.

This is often due to the lack of service - which is a shame, because the service rating makes up 40 percent of the overall rating. The Opel workshops did not allow themselves any minor details in this chapter. A car dealership acted downright cheeky and even wanted to make a new appointment to fix the defects. Eliminating the errors would have only taken minutes, and every workshop should have the necessary spare parts in stock. Instead of informing the customer over the phone, he was confronted with it when he was picked up.

Only one positive exception

But not all companies were able to convince when it came to correcting defects. Three out of seven Opel workshops tested did not fix all five prepared errors. Nevertheless, there are also bright spots. A car dealership is not only convincing in the section on troubleshooting, which is 60 percent included in the end result. The service pleases almost across the board.

As in the first part of the workshop test, we tested a brand-independent workshop as an example for comparison. The choice fell on a branch of A.T.U. The result of the random sample is sobering: The company is not convincing either in terms of service or workshop performance. With 62 points he shares the last place with an authorized workshop.

This is how we tested

On behalf From auto motor und sport, the consulting firm Concertare sent test persons with their vehicles nationwide to various authorized workshops for inspection. The wagons were previously prepared by an expert with five defects. The testers also rated the service quality of the companies (with 40 percent). How thorough was the workshop - in other words: was the service booklet filled out correctly or was a test drive carried out? How well did the appointment work, how was the first contact at the dealership, how did the conversation with them go?Employees, were there problems picking up the vehicle or inconsistencies in the invoice? At the end of the day, what counted was how well the customer felt in the dealership and whether he would recommend the company - in plain language: it was about the overall impression. Since the inspections were carried out with different vehicles, the invoice amount was not included in the evaluation.

During the preliminary telephone conversation, we are not asked whether additional work should be carried out. In addition, nobody in the dealership offers us a drink. It is not difficult to do without, however, given the rest of the impeccable process. When we hand in our car, a friendly employee greets us in the parking lot, who then takes a lot of time for the direct acceptance and already recognizes some of the defects and discusses the necessary work with us. A competent employee will also take care of us when we collect it after the inspection and explain everything important in a detailed and understandable manner. Also good news: our car was completely cleaned. We are not only impressed by the service, but also by the work of the workshop. It recognizes and corrects all defects without any problems.

Rating :

Defects: 60 points; Service: 37 points; Overall: 97 points

There are only minor details that bothered us, such as the lack of vehicle cleaning. The rest of the process, from making appointments through direct acceptance to discussing the maintenance plan and invoice, leaves a good impression. The employees are well prepared, take their time and also think about small things such as our valuables that should not be left in the vehicle. It's a shame that the workshop didn't work very thoroughly. Although the windshield washer system was checked according to the maintenance list and the damaged wiper rubber was replaced, the employees did not discover the low concentration of the antifreeze. Such failures can have costly consequences for the customer if the windscreen washer pump breaks down in winter because the water is frozen.


Defects: 48 points; Service: 31 points; Overall: 79 points

The workshop employee recognizes the missing suspension of the exhaust system and marks this point in the maintenance list. However, the deficiency is not resolved and is never mentioned to us. The same applies to cleaning the vehicle. It appears as a free service in the invoice, but we cannot recognize it. The company collects point deductions in the service chapter right from the start. So it is difficult to reach an employee to make an appointment, we are not offered a replacement car. We have to wait some time before the inspection, but both direct acceptance and explanations after the maintenance rundetailed. The service booklet has not been completed. The uneasy feeling remains that the workshop has only done the bare minimum.


Defects: 48 points; Service: 14 points; Overall: 62 points

Although we send the first request by e-mail and have to postpone our appointment again later, the staff will meet us in a friendly manner, ask for the necessary data and verbally give us a cost estimate. On the agreed day, the workshop also takes a lot of time for the direct acceptance and the modalities relating to orders and replacement cars - overall we have a good feeling. After the inspection, however, the impression changes. Both the work carried out and the invoice are only explained very briefly. There is also a lack of service: the inside of the vehicle was cleaned, but not handed over to us personally, only the location was given. More serious, however, is that two out of five errors go undetected. We are allowed to go home with the exhaust system missing and damaged wiper rubbers.

Rating :

Defects: 36 points; Service: 28 points; Overall: 64 points

Although the Omni-Mobil workshop detects and corrects all defects in the vehicle, the procedure around it hails a very good overall result. On the one hand, we can find a suitable date quickly and easily, and the employee reminds us to bring all the important documents with us to the inspection. However, he does not address a pick-up and delivery service or a replacement car. All the necessary work is discussed in detail when the car is handed in, but there is no written order afterwards. Even when picking up the vehicle, details diminish the good overall impression. So our car is cleaned on the outside, but not on the inside, and the seat remains adjusted. On the other hand, the contact to the workshop, which informs us promptly about everything necessary, is positive throughout the entire period. The invoice is also discussed in detail and in a comprehensible manner.


Defects: 60 points; Service: 27 points; Overall: 87 points

In our case, the Autozentrum West in Cologne did a good job and recognized and corrected all five defects in our car. When it comes to service, however, there are some issues. So we have to negotiate something at the beginning in order to find a suitable free date. On the agreed day, we wait several minutes until it turns out that the responsible employee cannot be reached. Therefore, our vehicle is not examined together before the inspection. We also wait a short time to pick it up. On request, however, an employee from the workshop will join the conversation to explain the maintenance plan in detail. For other customer-friendly gestures such as a personal vehicle handover or aHowever, we wait in vain for vehicle cleaning.


Defects: 60 points; Service: 16 points; Overall: 76 points

After the inspection, all errors have been eliminated - so full points for correcting the defects. In the B-grade, in terms of service, not all details are convincing, but the overall result is still a recommendable result. It would have been desirable, for example, to remind us to bring the maintenance and warranty booklet with us and to show us the location of our car after the inspection. On the other hand, the process after maintenance is positive. Although the foreman from the direct reception is no longer present, the employee responsible explains the service report and invoice in detail. He specifically addresses the low air pressure in a tire and advises observing this point. That leaves a good impression.


Defects: 60 points; Service: 31 points; Overall: 91 points

We are not offered a pick-up and delivery service or a replacement car, nor does the employee ask in advance about any additional work we want. In addition, we later noticed inconsistencies in the invoice, despite a joint discussion after the inspection. So they explain to us that two defects were found during the check, which were not discussed at the direct reception. To fix them, they would like to make us an offer at a separate appointment and send us back to the road with a car that is apparently not roadworthy. Interestingly enough, the exchanged spare part for a defect still appears in the invoice and has been replaced. After this confusion it is almost irrelevant that all other bugs have been fixed.


Defects: 48 points; Service: 14 points; Total: 62 points


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