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Workshop test 2012 (episode 4): Hyundai on the mend

Joerg Dotzek
Workshop test 2012 (episode 4)
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' Our goal is to get a little better every day and to impress our customers with service quality over the long term ', said Service Director Karl Hell after the result in 2007, which was not very encouraging for Hyundai. The Korean company achieved a troubleshooting rate of 58 percent at that time. In fact, Hyundai made a significant step forward in 2012, although the current result of 71 percent is no cause for enthusiasm. Furthermore, there is still a lot of room for improvement, because the customer can demand 100% work performance for his money for the inspection he has commissioned.

In 2007 the result was split in two. Half of the eight Hyundai dealers tested delivered a good to very good result, while the work performance of the remaining four dealerships was poor. The gamble of finding a properly working authorized workshop has not changed much this year. A total of five times the assessment was 'recommended', three companies fail as only conditionally or not recommended.

There are seven deficiencies discover and fix

As usual, the Hyundai registered for inspection is prepared in such a way that every mechanic should find the faults before ticking the check list. The aim of the test is to discover and remedy seven defects. Except for the misaligned headlights and the tire pressure that is too low, they can be found at a proper direct acceptance. A conscientious mechanic should actually notice the defective horn, the failed side indicator or the disconnected brake line. The oiling of the bonnet catch is also part of the maintenance effort.

The car dealership Klaus Süßdorf in Homburg-Saar lands a sad result. A total of four defects are neither recognized nor repaired, with eleven out of a possible 30 points, the work performance is miserable. And all of this at an inspection price of a stately 294.24 euros. It is also expensive at the Freydank car dealership in Leipzig. There, the vehicle owner has to deduct a total of 462.70 euros, although he only requires a major inspection. It goes without saying that the invoice document has cost items such as “preserve the brakes on the front axle and rear axle”. However, these are neither on the maintenance plan, nor have they been agreed with the client.In addition, the master tries to sell the customer system cleaning agents that are supposed to reduce fuel consumption.

293.98 euros at the Claas Wehner car dealership in Hamburg

It will also be expensive at the Claas Wehner car dealership in Hamburg, which made it to second place thanks to a good job performance. For the inspection alone, 293.98 euros are charged. The prices at R&S in Cologne-Fühlingen are significantly lower, although the service advisor decides without consulting that a small maintenance is sufficient, even though the customer wants a large inspection. There is then no more time to troubleshoot the fuse box; the customer has to drive without a horn until the next workshop appointment. The fault is found and rectified in the remaining seven companies.

The issue of oil quality remains a constant nuisance. No workshop asks for the desired variety, although the cost difference is horrendous. Freydank fills in lubricant for 7.90 euros per liter, and R&S in Cologne-Fühlingen costs a proud 20.24 euros. In the case of a proper direct acceptance, this point should at least be addressed. After all, six out of eight workshops carry out a check on the lifting platform, and only one company gives itself the test drive.

Considerable deficits on the subject Headlight adjustment

There are considerable deficits when it comes to headlight adjustment. Only the Emrich car dealership in Saarlouis is able to adjust the headlights correctly. Five workshops try, but fail miserably. The two test losers leave it ticked off on the service checklist.

Positive: Stretching the bill with cash fillers seems to have gone out of fashion. Only the Freydank car dealership pays the customer additional costs of 19.22 euros, from assembly cleaner to underbody protection to small items. Test winner Maluche does not write any unnecessary remedies on the bill, but collects an impressive 6.50 euros for clipping in the brake line and a further 12.40 euros for replacing the defective horn fuse. Autohaus Süßdorf earns an additional 25.35 euros with minimal effort.

If you are not given a pick-up date when you hand in your vehicle, you should be able to rely on a promised callback. The desired order must be recorded in writing just as reliably. At the Eilenburger Autohaus Damm, the employees themselves cannot remember what the customer ordered, since no order confirmation is given.

While Hyundai customers had little chance of good customer service 18 years ago, is work performance is better today. It remains to be hoped that the Koreans from the service advertising slogan on their homepage: “We want to be a reliable partner, we want faultlessOffer quality ”in the future a“ We are a good partner, we offer flawless quality ”.

Five Hyundai workshops recommended

Hyundai owners drive a relatively economical vehicle, but have to open their wallets wider for customer service than with other makes. On average, a major inspection costs around 220 euros. Peugeot offers the same service for just under 200 euros. Competitor Toyota is 240 euros higher than Hyundai, but also convinces with very good workshop quality.

Customers no longer have to look for a needle in a haystack, but good service and conscientious work are completely natural for them Hyundai dealerships still not. No company achieved the rating “very recommendable”, five workshops achieved a “recommended”, the remaining three clearly fell short. In addition, the invoice amount in two companies is over 450 euros, not least because the customer is sometimes accused of small jobs with high wages instead of cash fillers.

Compared to the last test in 2007, Hyundai can achieve the fulfillment rate at increase in work performance by 13 percentage points, but this time the brand does not reach the previous record of 75 percent in 1998.

When entering the reception area, an employee looks after the customers and immediately informs a foreman. He asks clearly and directly about the desired inspection and then drives the Getz onto a lifting platform. Just as competently, he goes through the scope of maintenance step by step. He notices the defective horn immediately, as does the rust on the exhaust. But it can be stopped in a few simple steps, he promises and has the customer sign the order.

The order confirmation that is then issued briefly says 'Inspection'. We feel well advised and are happy to hear that the car is ready half an hour earlier than planned. Just in time to collect the vehicle, the foreman takes his time and explains the individual invoice items. In addition, an employee informs that new customers receive a nine percent discount on the invoice price. It's just a shame that despite the good service and price, the headlights are not correctly adjusted.

auto motor und sport rating: Recommended

After a successful search, the joy of new customers is visibly low. An employee comfortably records the data of the car, then a foreman intervenes. 'Do you need climate maintenance?' He asks on the way to the vehicle. Full attention would have been more important at the direct acceptance, because not a single defect is noticeable during the inspection on the lifting platform.

On the other hand, it is positive that the Getz can be picked up on the same day. Although only a few hours have passed, Master does not recognize us in the afternoonmore. In return, his colleague tries to provide good service. During the test drive, he noticed some typical Getz defects, and the wiper blades should also be replaced. Except for the headlights that were still adjusted, the workshop did a good job. For an inspection price of 293.98 euros, that should go without saying.

auto motor und sport rating: Recommended

It would be better to sit in the waiting corner possible, but then you would have to give up your place in the row. We are only served after a quarter of an hour. After a short greeting at the table, the service advisor picks up the Getz for direct acceptance. He immediately notices the servo oil level below the minimum mark, and the defective horn and the disconnected brake line can be found quickly. He also advises new ignition distributor cables and offers cleaning of the pulleys and a new V-belt for 100 euros, as the Getz squeaks when cold.

When the vehicle is picked up, the service advisor is available and briefly explains all maintenance work and easy to understand. 'You just can't wait more on the car,' he says. 224.52 euros including a brake fluid change is the cheapest invoice amount in the entire test. However, there are deductions for the incorrect setting of the right headlight and for insufficient air pressure in the spare wheel.

auto motor und sport rating: Recommended

One An hour before the agreed pick-up date, a workshop employee calls and asks what should be done on the car. We repeat our request and give the company a deadline until the next morning. 'Please excuse us, we have bottlenecks at the moment,' explains a colleague. A mechanic is also present today who wants to carry out a service acceptance later. He also explains to the customer that the servo oil level is too low.

On the other hand, the mechanics in the workshop do not notice either the non-greased bonnet hook or the incorrectly adjusted headlights. We can only hope that the dealership will soon find reinforcements and that vehicle acceptance will be just as positive as the pick-up.

auto motor und sport rating: Recommended

Then we see through a glass wall how a service advisor drives the Getz onto a lifting platform. First he checks the car on his own, then he brings us over and inspects the car for another 45 minutes. He has already attached the unclipped brake line. He also notices the defective horn and the non-functioning side indicator, and he informs the customer of marten damage to the noise insulation mat.

The next day, the foreman calls at ten o'clock and tells them that Car is ready. We arrive an hour later and are greeted warmly immediately. The invoice is ready and sufficiently explained.However, savings are made in grease for the bonnet catch hook and in the information that the customer should continue to monitor the servo oil level. The dealership is the only company to get the full number of points for the correct setting of the headlights.

auto motor und sport evaluation: Recommended

His tone is brisk : 'Mileage included? Where is the service book?' After looking for the car in the yard, he drives the Getz onto a lifting platform. A few fragments of words such as 'Horn is broken' or 'Winter tire time is over' can be heard. In the subsequent meeting, we are confronted with system cleaning agents that supposedly reduce consumption. The service advisor looks offended when we decline with thanks.

The invoice amount of 462.70 euros includes 19.22 euros for cash fillers such as coolant and cleaner. In addition, there is 32.73 euros for the preservation of the brake, whatever that means. All in all, the work performance is not satisfactory. The headlights are still incorrectly adjusted, the bonnet catch hook is not lubricated, and there is no indication or recommendation for a further check as to the cause of the oil loss.

auto motor und sport rating: limited recommendable

Despite short notice, a foreman is available immediately. However, he ignores the fact that a major inspection is desired. 'Yes, we'll do the 105 thousandth and brake fluid.' At the direct acceptance he immediately recognizes the defective horn. The master looks at the unclipped cable several times with the flashlight, but does not comment on it. 'Is that what you want?' He asks casually. No, we don't want to.

We are on site ten minutes before the agreed pick-up date, but we have to wait another 25 minutes for the car to be ready. The employee at the cash register cannot conclusively explain the work and calls the foreman. He added that the repair of the horn was not possible in this time frame. We also saved working time when correcting the headlight setting and the defective side indicator. Curious: the unclipped brake line was placed on the bracket, but not clipped in.

auto motor und sport rating: Not recommended

A service advisor will be available in passing attention to us and accepts the keys. Nobody can say when the car will be ready. We should wait for the call. It doesn't come the following day either. When asked, they say: 'Give me your number, I don't have it here'. A good ten minutes later, the call back that the car is ready to be picked up follows. The foreman briefly discusses the scope of maintenance and says that one should watch the rear windshield wiper. Otherwise the defective horn will be repaired for 25.35 euros, and the side indicator light will also be repairedreplaced and the brake line clipped in. But that was it.

In the rush, the mechanic forgot to tighten the oil drain plug, which almost risked engine damage. The dealership charges 494.66 euros for the completely inadequate service. The fact that the Getz is parked unhappily adds to the overall picture.

auto motor und sport rating: Not recommended


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