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Workshop art: Renaissance classics reissued

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F abris, who has been a thick photographer for over 20 years Advertising business has always had a taste for Renaissance artists. He had long had a photographic concept in mind with which he wanted to honor their values. During a photo session in the American Midwest, Fabris came across an old auto repair shop that met all the requirements for a series of photos. This is how the project was put into practice.

The so-called Renaissance series includes the photographic interpretation of three great classics - “ The Last Supper ” by Phillipe de Champaigne, “ The anatomy of Dr. Tulp ”by Rembrandt and“ The Creation of Adam ” by Michelangelo - Fabris composed six portraits in the style of Rembrandt, but without specific models.

Like Freddy Fabris ( http://www.fabrisphoto.com ) realized the large paintings and staged the portraits, you can see in our photo show.


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