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Woodpop surfboard: The Rolls-Royce of surfboards

Woodpop surfboard
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A Rolls-Royce owner commissioned the manufacture woodpop by British artist Emma Wood with the production of a surfboard decorated with gold. Why Emma Wood? Because each of her works - she also makes wall works of art and tables - is a truly unique piece and her name 'Wood' says it all. To be more precise, she discusses the individualization of the handcrafted wooden works of art very precisely with the customer in advance. Just like R olls-Royce too. The so-called Bespoke design is as rare as the fingerprint of your customers.

The fact that the wooden surfboards she makes start at around 6,200 euros is understandable in view of the filigree work and the manufacturing time. And that the owner of a Rolls-Royce expensive from 280,000 euros Ghost doesn’t even batting an eyelid with such an initial amount, should be clear. The board made in the Welsh Black Mountains from paulownia, walnut, sycamore, anigré and birch wood is a little more expensive. Much more expensive.

Surfboard or VW Golf GTI?

Here are more than 300,000 euros of pure luxury.

The surfing Rolls-Royce owner wanted it to be decorated with 24 carat gold inlays. Since the gold price is currently around 34 euros per gram, it is not difficult to believe that the total value of the surfboard exceeds the price of a small car. When asked by auto motor und sport, Emma Wood revealed the exact price: around 30,000Euro. The work of art, which may never come into direct contact with seawater, can be seen on the coast of southern France near Cannes - firmly lashed to the roof of the Rolls-Royce Ghost borrowed from the surfboard owner.

Anyone who thinks that this would also be the most expensive surfboard in the world is seriously wrong. The 2.03 meter short fiberglass single piece produced by the LUX brand 'Aureus' is completely covered with 24 carat gold and currently costs just under 42,500 euros. It was designed and co-developed by Danni Bradford and Europe's only female professional surfboard producer, Ellie Miller from Miller Surfboards, and is now in T5 Gallery at Heathrow Airport in London .

Over a million for a surfboard

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But it can be even more expensive. The 3.2 meter long longboard by surfboard builder Roy Stuart called 'The Rampant' costs over 1.1 million euros. It is made from the wood of the Chinese bluebell tree and equipped with a tunnel fin made of kahikatea wood and a perforated polycarbonate fin. The eye-catcher of the unique piece is a lion emblem made of 23-carat gold leaf on the board tip.


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