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Women's choice in the desert: The Aicha des Gazelles women's rally starts in Morocco

Ladies choice in the desert
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Well over 100 teams will be in Morocco's south to start. The Aicha des Gazelle rally celebrates its 20th anniversary. Exciting from a local point of view: As the only German team, two Mercedes employees take to the track in a four-wheel drive Viano. Also worth a closer look: Renault is sending two teams into the desert with the brand new Dacia Duster.

The Dacia Duster is starting in the crossover class

In the crossover category, the starter field is considerably thinner than in the regular off-road vehicles, the The route is still the same for all participants. It will be exciting to see how the new Duster will fare there. With start numbers 315 and 316, two teams are on the hunt for points in the Rally Romanian. After a separate evaluation for fuel-efficient cars takes place, the two French teams start with the 85 hp version of the Dacia Duster 4x4, which is not officially offered in Germany.

The two German participants Andrea Spielvogel and Bettina Singhartinger have a little more power at their disposal: They start in the Mercedes Viano 4matic with 150 hp diesel. The car won the crossover class last year and was revised for this year's start.

At the rally it's about error-free navigation

The Aicha des Gazelles rally is about precise navigation instead of top speed. It is not the fastest team that wins, but the one that has driven the shortest and therefore most precise route between the specified checkpoints. Only a map and a compass are permitted as navigation aids, radios, GPS and even binoculars are not permitted. The rally ends on March 27th. Results and information can be found on the rally homepage: h ttp: //www.rallyeaichadesgazelles.com/


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