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With the Lexus RC F to the end of the old world: sun, mountains, vacuum cleaners!

Rossen Gargolov
With the Lexus RC F to the end of the old world
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Travel report - you immediately think of exoticism, adventure and exertion. Without wanting to disappoint you: there is precious little of all of this to be felt on that winter Tuesday in southern Spain, when we were sitting in the air-conditioned comfort armchairs of the L exus RC F sack and us from the navigation Don't even let the lady plan 60 kilometers to Gibraltar. A Lexus employee hastily dragged a couple of packed lunches, another asked in a warning voice about the water supplies on board. The journey time should be 49 minutes.

Lexus RC F with a bassy engine sound

And since you really never know what will happen to you on an expedition through civilization, send the Lexus RC F to be on the safe side Support vehicle afterwards - a Toyota Auris Hybrid, which doesn't necessarily increase the prospect of adventure either. We owe it to the Moorish town of Ronda, which once twirled a 40-kilometer pass road in front of the gates, that it didn't turn out to be a boring cruise control stroll from toll station to toll station. One of the best in Europe, some say; one of the best in the world, say others.

Before doing a sunrise burn-out in the villa colony around the hotel, then quickly off to the Lexus RC F. First a little bit towards the coast, then up to over 700 meters - starting at sea level . The Lexus RC F is still simmering cautiously through the foothills of Malaga, twilight in defensive eco mode and shows itself from the classic Lexus side, that comfort finesse that the Toyota subsidiary always emphasizes. Right? Well, the Lexus RC F is indeed comfortable, as fluffy as you might think, but not. And we mean that as a compliment.

In general, you get a bit of the impression that he hasn't quite found his role yet. On the one hand, he goes for Next Generation, illustrates his rev counter display in four different themes and lets the infotainment be operated with a kind of mouse. On the other hand, it is a bit behind the trends: with its antiquated oneNavigation system, for example, and above all with its free-breathing V8, which functions either as a knockout criterion or a must-have impulse, depending on your preference.

Between V8-M3 and RS5

Traditionalists celebrate the five-liter in the Lexus RC F as a glimmer of hope, as proof for the fact that, as everyone always says, it can't even be over with the suckers. Zeitgeist, on the other hand, lack the kick - emotionally as well as factually. Viewed objectively, it lies exactly between the past V8-M3 and the RS5 - but without surpassing the two. At the bottom it doesn't press as flexibly as the Audi, at the top it lacks the athleticism that the BMW once celebrated.

However, none of this still plays a role: We're cooing through the unadorned third-row development of the Costa del Sol. Roundabout third exit, roundabout straight ahead, roundabout second exit. Everything is full of tourist traps billboards, to the left and right of the route, holiday resorts with their blinds down are recovering from the hustle and bustle of the high season, while vendors on the roadside offer fruits of the season - freshly picked golf balls.

After a few kilometers through the rush hour tears open the buildings as does the traffic. The meters in altitude increase - and with them cornering frequency and speed level. Occasionally, off-road vehicles that have been taken along rock up the sierra, otherwise the summit only slows down your conscience. The companion Auris? Which Auris?

And the Lexus RC F fits wonderfully here. Not only because of its bizarre design language, which with its furrows and wind-polished curves almost looks as if it was carved out of the rock structures at the edge of the track. But above all because the fast turns in the Spanish mountains are probably better for him than strict ideal lines in the angular Hockenheim.

Lexus RC F too pompous when shifting

In other words: Even if the Lexus RC F noticeably intensifies all interfaces in Sport Plus mode, even one for its gate lock on the rear axle has an extremely sharp slalom attitude, it would have been nothing more than a huge sensation if he had shaken the BMW M4, which he is secretly targeting, in the test (Click here for the comparison test ). Especially since it looks strangely pomady in the transmission. The eight-step model calls itself direct-shift quite promisingly, but it simply takes too long to implement paddling commands. In addition, every time he downshifts, he rolls the full drag torque of the engine in front of him - like the 63 from AMG, but that doesn't make things any more dynamic.

The asphalt strip twists more and more wildly through the mountains, hooks up , dives in between in thick fog,claps at the summit cross, only to split up a little later. One way leads the Lexus RC F as a straight high-plateau sprint to Ronda, the other over small streets the width of a vehicle and the quirky smurf village of Júzcar to the same destination in a more entertaining way. Ronda itself is currently taking an extensive rain shower, so after an obligatory lap over the cobblestones in the casco histórico we quickly flee down into the valley. At the front the V8 is throbbing with its resting heart rate, at the back the Auris gasps while the route meanders in arcs towards Costa.

Shortly after Estepona, we dribble with the few mountain tourers onto a completely deserted A 7 - now or never : Once we secretly load through to Zwonochwas, let the intake noise amplified by the resonator hammer against us and mill up to the maximum speed of 7,300 /min. Competitive or not - if there was a petition to keep the naturally aspirated engine, the Lexus RC F would be reason enough for an immediate signature.> Get ready for the final photo

As the old world gradually draws to a close, it appears, the Rock of Gibraltar, that neuralgic point that has proven to be impregnable since the Middle Ages and therefore still owned by Great Britain. The only access to the enclave is via the airport runway, after which it is frayed in narrow streets and even narrower alleys. Almost 29,000 continental Britons live here, along with a few dozen Barbary macaques and hosts of tourists who come back every day. It is accordingly lengthy to push your way between pubs, hotel complexes, banks, letterbox companies and old military facilities to the most important street in Gibraltar - the one that separates Europe from Africa.

The Lexus RC F growls once or twice through its stacked tailpipes, then it is spot on for the final picture - after more than ten hours, by the way.


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