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With the KTM X-Bow to Croatia: How much GT is actually in the KTM X-Bow?

With the KTM X-Bow to Croatia
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It starts in Sviscaki, in Koseze there are also a suspicious number of signs, even counting the meters to be driven to zero down - exchange offices. The K TM X-Bow GT is approaching the end of Slovenia on State Road 6, roars quite dramatically over the well-developed roadway, hops here and there over the ailments of the asphalt surface.

For the most part, there is a feel-good atmosphere in the villages, with shop windows from the unfortunate socialist history only occasionally gawking on the sidewalks, but mostly showing expensive, globally known goods such as outdoor clothing or mobile phones.

With the KTM X-Bow GT to Rijeka

And again and again signs for exchange offices that Croatian kuna could be exchanged here, sometimes actually without any 'provisional', as it is professionally announced. Croatia joined the European Union on July 1, 2013, but not the euro, which does not have to mean anything bad for either side.

Anyway, Rijeka is the destination for the gaudy KTM X-Bow, the start was a few hours ago in his hometown Graz. The reason? Well, the historian would object: Sure, Rijeka stood under the thumb of the Habsburgs, who ruled from Graz after 1526, for a long, if not longest, in its history, which reached beyond the Celts.

The reason for this particular journey, however, lies in the satisfaction of lower and at the same time wonderful instincts, namely to smell burnt rubber and hot oil. In Rijeka the X-Bow Battle, the one-make cup of the Austrian high-speed coal box, its season, is raging over the 4,168-kilometer-long Automotodrom Grobnik.

After all, the motorcycle world championship raged here between 1978 and 1990, now the sweeping, very fast course is only moderately frequented between rugged, barren rock formations. And since we were promised, both with the GT - including new chassis tuning and light forged rims - as well as with the 365 hp strong, around 40 againTo be able to sweep a kilogram lighter RR over the course, we were both blown away and quickly.

KTM X-Bow GT fully integrates the pilot

So off on the A 9 motorway south, roughly towards Maribor, light luggage on the passenger seat instead of the passenger, the two-liter turbo engine thunders a bit offended at 130 km /h. The view is just as fantastic as the weather, there is no massive frame in the way, but neither is the roaring wind, because it just picks the tips of your hair a little. Therefore, it is better to get off the autobahn, a little swerve over the winding country roads of southern Styria, mostly embedded between vineyards, has to be, leaves the KTM X-Bow GT perk up.

In front of you, the angular muzzle sniffs the curves, the lying spring -Damping elements work, behind you the 285 hp four-cylinder gurgles and trumpets, thanks to the maximum torque of 420 Newton meters, it can actually always take the next higher gear than initially assumed. Hardly any car can offer more entertainment than that; radio, sat nav, brake booster, power steering and even ABS - although a very welcome invention in itself - are not missing right now, not at all. The KTM X-Bow GT doesn't leave the driver out, no, it integrates him much more than he is usually used to.

Long back on the autobahn, just before Maribor, swaths of hot greasy smell are wafting through the barren cockpit. The best and largest donuts can be found here in Trojan, explains someone who knows, practically right next to the motorway. A decent coffee on top of that, and if you want, terrible garden gnome kitsch.

KTM X-Bow offers plenty of space

The donuts are actually large and well-behaved, the power-to-weight ratio is already good there, mass also helps the suspension comfort, something over 200 kilometers must finally be torn down. Not just on the motorway, of course, which we leave somewhere near Postojna after Ljubljana.

Even here, the rearrangement of vowels and consonants seems strange, and when native German speakers pronounce it, it sounds like a rumble a toddler by a pile of wooden blocks. The locals give the language an idiosyncratic melody with rough harmony, a bit like proper grunge rock.

Meanwhile, the roads are running out of quality, they require attention when detecting those bumps that are no longer compatible with the ground clearance of the KTM, but meander wonderfully through the hilly landscape, little traffic disturbs the driving experience - likewise little like the X-Bow itself, which does not spit out even taller and wider drivers in disgust, but thanks to adjustable onesPedals and steering wheel provide a decent workspace.

Oh yes, you have to refuel too, most recently fifty-two kilometers ago. The driver of a higher Nissan Patrol watched from above with amusement, the engine injected around 10.2 l /100 km, despite the briefly geared six-speed transmission.

Let's go to the racetrack!

The two-seater has also passed the exchange offices long ago, as well as the imposing border crossing to Croatia, which also turns the moderate country road into a new one four-lane motorway fanned out, below to the right the Adriatic Sea glistens in the last rays of sunshine. Past Opatja and Rijeka, a short detour to the track that brings the Michelin Pilot Sport 3 up a bit.

Already in the braking zone after the start-finish, the grippy asphalt makes waves, which becomes an X-Bow restless - that's exactly what an ABS-free mid-engine athlete doesn't need at all. But the wheels keep contact with the ground, the fourth gear is easily enough for the first right, later even the fifth, the torque makes it possible. In the following left-double-right-left combination, there is no need to change gears, even though the position of the shift lever is almost imposing. Incidentally, the six corridors are as close to one another as row houses.

Everything from yesterday?

The next left hides its apex far back, to the left-right-left it goes downhill quickly, everything still in fifth gear, right-left-left uphill, full, long straight, up in the sixth, around 200 km /h, brake. It's going to be incredibly fast here with the KTM. The track is fun, even though the surrounding area looks as if the world had stopped spinning in the eighties, as if Zastava were still wrestling for trophies - maybe that's the way it is, who knows.

The GT tumbles down the long straight again, shoots over the bumps, works its way lap after lap with the highest precision, the low weight keeps the tires alive for a long time. At some point the end of the working day threatens, which is not so bad, it threatens Opatja's promenade, a decent half, grilled meat, alternatively Istrian noodles (no, not pasta). And the fact that we didn't stop at the exchange offices didn't cause any problems: the service staff didn't attach great importance to Croatian kuna - they gladly accept euros.


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