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D he little chemical helpers shouldn't be missing. It is enough to invest a few euros in care products. A little silicone oil or deer tallow will prevent the door rubbers from freezing. Graphite powder or oil in the door locks has the same effect. It is particularly important to have a supply of antifreeze for cooling water and the windscreen washer system. Drivers usually spend around 20 euros.

The body needs special care. Paint scratches should be repaired before the first use of road salt. A touch-up pen is sufficient for small stone chips (from 10 euros), larger damage is a matter for the specialist. Smart repair companies fix such defects for as little as 50 euros. After the paintwork has been repaired, the surface must be provided with a layer of wax, then rust has no chance. Car washes have special programs for this (around 10 euros) that include paint sealing and underbody washing.

How to free the car if it sinks in the snow: There are special snow shovels for drivers in specialist shops that fit in every trunk (from 13 euros, for example at ATU). Especially those who are in snowy areas should have a shovel on board. Because it can quickly happen that you have to free your vehicle from masses of snow in the morning or shovel it free if it gets stuck. If it gets stuck, sometimes the shovel helps. It is therefore advisable to put a small sack of sand in the trunk, this increases the grip when starting off.

Don't miss out on a good ice scraper: Ice scrapers are cheap, and drivers often get them as a promotional gift. If not, there are scratches in stores for as little as one euro. But the quality differences between cheap and premium products (premium scratches: from 5 euros) are large. Tip: Good ice scrapers are made of sturdy plastic, have a sawtooth edge for removing thick layers of ice and a smooth ice scraping edge. A rubber lip for removing water films or a whisk are also not bad.

There are special snow shovels for motorists that fit in every trunk.

If you don't want to scratch but don't have a garage or parking heater, you should cover your car - great thing, but requires discipline, because after all, the tarpaulin has to be pulled up every evening. In stores there are so-called fabric garages - also known as car tarpaulins or tarpaulin - from just 20 euros. They are particularly useful in snowy areas. Since the car must always be completely cleared of snow and ice before driving, you don't risk a fine. Often it is enough to just cover the vehicle windows. Special tarpaulins or foils can be bought on the Internet for as little as 10 euros.

If you get stuck in your car: a tow rope should not be missing in the car (from 10 euros). But be careful: Anyone who comes up with the idea of ​​towing a broken-down car in winter should take a look at the instructions beforehand, especially for automatic vehicles, to see whether it is allowed. Because with most automatic transmissions, the engine has to be running for lubrication. There is a risk of damage on longer journeys or at high speeds. Better call a tow truck here.

So that it always stays nice and warm in the vehicle: Winter road conditions can sometimes quickly bring all traffic to a standstill. If there is absolute standstill for a long time, it is advisable to switch off the engine. So that it doesn't get too cold in the vehicle, a warm wool blanket should not be missing on board. However, this has its price: drivers should avoid cheap, thin blankets. Good, promising designs usually start at 50 euros.

In some areas, snow chains are compulsory. If you want to go on a winter holiday, you need suitable snow chains for the drive axle of the car, as they are mandatory in some areas in the Alpine countries. The range of chains is diverse, inexpensive variants are available well under 100 euros. Top chains made of stainless steel easily cost four times as much.

If you don't have a flashlight on board, you should change that as soon as possible. It is very helpful in many situations and is also not expensive.

The safety vest has to be a constant companion: Since July 2014 there is as in In many other European countries, a general safety vest requirement also in Germany. A safety vest must be available in every vehicle, regardless of the number of people traveling. The vest in the colors red, yellow or orange must comply with DIN EN 471: 2003 + A1: 2007 or EN ISO 20471: 2013 (from around 5 euros).

Secure the load in the ski box too: Many people forget to secure the load, especially on winter holidays. Apart from the fact that violations are punished with one point and a fine of up to 75 euros, the security risk is an issue. If the luggage is not stowed properly, even minor accidents or emergency braking can be fatal. Even in a crash from 50 km /h, forces arise that can cause the load to reach 50 times its own weight. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to imagine the forces that are set free in skis and ski boots. A roof box can bring security and also increases the loading volume (good boxes from 300 euros).

Alloy rims can also be used in winter: There is no longer any reason to do without alloy rims in the cold season. Special alloys and surface coatings protect the rims from the effects that can arise from road salt, grit and sand in winter. Drivers do not have to invest a lot of money for the winter alloy wheels, the wheels are available from 65 euros.

Antifreeze measuring spindles are a good investment: In order to be able to regularly check the antifreeze in the cooling water and in the windshield washer system, you need special measuring spindles. These can very often be borrowed for a moment at petrol stations. If you don't want that, you have the option of buying the spindle yourself. Sets for testing the antifreeze in cooling water and windshield washer systems are available in stores from 20 euros class='v-A_-article__img__container'>

When absolute standstill for longerIf there is time, it is advisable to turn off the engine. So that it doesn't get too cold in the vehicle, a warm wool blanket should not be missing on board.

This is how you get one cheaply Seat heating: Not every car has seat heating, an inexpensive alternative are heated seat pads (from 20 euros). Usually they deliver heat faster than the car heaters. These need a few kilometers to keep the interior temperature comfortable. Since the seat heating warms the buttocks and back directly, the driver no longer freezes after a few minutes.

Regularly check the lighting in the car: the garage door or a house wall help when checking the lighting system of the vehicle. But you can also check in a shop window whether the rear and brake lights are working. If a headlight or taillight bulb is defective, it is best to replace the second one at the same time, as it usually has a similar service life. Corresponding lamp sets are available from 6 euros in stores. It is better to leave the replacement of xenon lamps to the specialist workshop.

Flashlight is a must in the car: If you don't have a flashlight on board, you should change that as soon as possible. It is very helpful in many situations and is also inexpensive. There are inexpensive versions in stores for as little as 3 euros. The LED lamps promise better illumination. They are available from around 10 euros and usually have a very compact, space-saving design. There are now also versions that can be recharged via the 12-volt socket in the vehicle.

The state of charge says a lot about the battery: Word has got around that you should have a jumper cable or a charger - but that a battery tester is also worthwhile, not yet. The devices are available in stores from 20 euros. If you regularly check the condition of your vehicle battery, you can avoid the fate of a battery on strike in winter.


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