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Winkelmann on the Lamborghini strategy: no e-sports car planned

Stephan Winkelmann on the Lamborghini strategy
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L amborghini is still one of the traditionalists. So far, only models with a naturally aspirated engine have left the sacred halls of Sant’Agata Bolognese. With the upcoming Urus SUV, Lamborghini is softening its sense of tradition in 2018. The second crossover in Lamborghini history will be equipped with a four-liter twin-turbo V8. Understandably makes sense with an SUV. And a hybrid version of the Urus is also conceivable.

Manual transmission is a thing of the past

Like an engine Authority reports that, according to Lambo boss Stephan Winkelmann, it is the first big step for Lamborghini to build the Urus. The second is a plug-in hybrid version. In contrast, the Lamborghini boss is ruling out a purely electric car in the near future.

“If we had the chance to have a fully electric vehicle that would have the same price and the same performance for an SUV, I would say 'let's go do it to us'. But that is not the case at the current stage of the technology ”, quoted Motor Authority Winkelmann.

But it could happen one day - if the batteries have the necessary performance and range and the building blocks in the car are easier to pack becomes. Keyword weight, size and cooling. Factors that have a strong effect on handling. “When we talk about the next generation, both in terms of SUVs and supercars, we'll see. It has to meet the needs of our customers and it has to fit the DNA of our sports cars. And that is not yet the state of the art for us when we talk about batteries, performance, charging times, packaging and weight, ”explains Winkelmann.

With the Asterión LPI 910-4 hybrid concept vehicle, the was presented at the 2015 Motor Show, Lamborghini has at least designed a technology platform. For the reasons mentioned, however, series production is not planned.

In an interview with Motor Authority, Winkelmann also ruled out a return to manual transmissions, as was the case last in the Gallardo. “There is no way to be faster than with a double clutch,” says the Lambo boss, who gives another reason. “Nobody asks about a manual transmission. When I came to Lamborghini, the demand was maybe 10 percent. At the end of Gallardo and Murcielago it was like this: 'If there was an order, I wanted to see it because it mightcould have been a mistake ‘.“


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