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Wimmer tunes Porsche 997: convertible with 840 hp on board

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Wimmer tunes Porsche 997
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D he Solingen around company boss Thorsten Wimmer has more than just that Engine electronics optimized, but also the hardware of the 911 (997) properly polished. In addition to two new turbochargers, stronger spark plugs, reinforced pressure pipes and a stronger fuel pump were installed. The assembly of a sports clutch was also part of the conversion. The in-house racing exhaust system made of stainless steel with electronic valve control and sports catalytic converters should ensure an appropriate sound. The result of the performance enhancement: the top speed increases to 363 km /h. The sprint from zero to 200 km /h takes just 10.1 seconds.

Gold look for 840 hp Porsche

Of course, the cosmetics are not allowed in such a conversion either Missing: To match the black OZ Ultraleggera rims in 19 inch with tires of size 235 /35-19 and 305 /30-19, the car was given a golden full wrap. Spacers of 25 mm on the rear axle complete the look and - in combination with a KW coilover kit of variant 3 - form the connection between the vehicle and the asphalt. It is clear that this is not exactly cheap: the technical optimization costs 39,000 euros, with an additional 7,500 euros for rims, tires and chassis.


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