Willi Weber

F1 regulars' table with Berger & Weber
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W illi Weber has made a name for himself in the motorsport scene as a tough but accomplished manager. The former restaurateur and car dealer landed his greatest coup with the support of Michael Schumacher. Weber recognized the Kerpener's talent early on and hired him to join his Formula 3 team. At the same time, the entrepreneur also becomes Schumi's manager and in return demands 20 percent of the income from his protégé for ten years.

For Willi Weber, the connection with Kerpen talent is developing into a profitable business. Schumacher becomes one of the highest paid athletes in the world and Weber earns too. With Williams driver Nico Hülkenberg, he has a new F1 talent on his payroll. In addition to the racetrack, it has attracted rather negative attention recently. In 2008 he was given a suspended sentence for infidelity.


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