Who drives what Ian Callum

What's Ian Callum driving?
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How did you start with cars?

C allum: My father was a lawyer, my mother a librarian, neither of them were interested in cars. But it must have happened when I was very young. The car that started it all was a Porsche 356 that drove past our house. I still love Porsche today. I know Porsche designer Michael Mauer well. I think keeping the 911 up to date is a very worthwhile problem.

Your first really important car?

Callum: My father's Vauxhall Victor 2300, with whom I drove a lot as a teenager. I bought my first own car from Peter Stevens, the designer of the McLaren F1: a Volvo 445. Then I had a Morris Minor, a Vauxhall Chevette that I hate to talk about, a couple of Minis, three Beetles and a VW 1303 convertible. I should have kept that.

How many cars do you have today?

Callum: Seven, almost eight. The MK 2, a real Mini Cooper, a '56 Chevrolet Hot Rod, a 1932 Ford B Hot Rod with 450 hp, a Triumph TR6, a Jaguar XJ-C, I've ordered a Defender and my company car is an F-Type.

What is special about your cars?

Callum: None of these come as standard. Some people don't like it, like my Jaguar MK 2, which has been upgraded to new technology. But we worked on it for 18 months, and that's exactly how I wanted it.

Where to drive Do you prefer?

Callum: At home in Scotland. Every five or six weeks I'm up there, on the old roads where I learned to drive in the Vauxhall Victor. I love this street, especially the route between Dumfries and Edinburgh. It is exactly 115 kilometers long. My best time in the Vauxhall Victor used to be 70 minutes. I can't do that anymore in the F-Type.

Despite 550 HP not? Why?

Callum : Let's say: respect. And today I brake in localities.

If you meet young Ian there...

Callum: ... I would tell him: Hey, take off the gas, you have a great life ahead of you .


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