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What to do at the scene of an accident: ten rules that you should follow

Behavior at the accident site
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Stay at the scene of the accident

B In the event of a parking bump, it is by no means sufficient to give the owner of the damaged car a business card or a piece of paper with the address and telephone number behind the windscreen wiper stuck and continue after a reasonable waiting time. According to the law, this is already an accident escape and therefore punishable. The right behavior at the scene of the accident: inform the police immediately, provide personal details and describe the facts.

Take a picture of the accident situation

Blocking an intersection because of a broken headlight glass is not worthwhile. But often those involved drive to the side of the road without having photographed the accident situation. This means that important evidence is lost if there are subsequently disagreements between the opposing parties. Ideally, the scene of the accident is marked and the vehicle positions are also photographed.

Record license plates and personal details

Anyone in good faith merely exchanging the telephone numbers can be lost. Those involved in the accident behave correctly if at the scene of the accident they mutually note the numbers from the identity cards, the license plate number and the name of the respective liability insurer.> Write down the names and addresses of passers-by

The opponents of the accident forget to speak to witnesses who are present - just don't! You should definitely write down the names and addresses of passers-by who have seen what is happening. This is all the more important when there were other passengers in the car. If there is a legal dispute later, uninvolved witnesses appear more credible than co-drivers.

Correct behavior at the scene of the accident: Always call in the police

Deal with sheet metal damage without the police? It doesn't have to be. The police should be called in, especially in the event of major property damage or if there is already a disagreement about who caused the accident. The same applies if there is a suspicion that someone has been injured, even if only slightly.

Ask independent consultants

Accepting accident assistance from workshops, car rental companies or the opposing insurance company can have detrimental effects. There is a risk that independent advisors such as lawyers and experts will be bypassed and not onegets full compensation.

Clarify rental car offer with the insurance company

To accept a rental car offer from the workshop prematurely cost dearly. Whether the insurance pays the full costs depends on the one hand on the question of liability. On the other hand, it only bears part of the costs if the offer was too expensive and not in line with the market. And: Anyone who usually does not drive more than 25 kilometers per day must use taxis or public transport during the repair period in view of the obligation to reduce damage.

Claim compensation for downtime

It is unwise to ignore the downtime. Because instead of a rental car, you can also claim the so-called loss of use compensation for the time the car is in the workshop. Depending on the vehicle type, it is 25 to 100 euros per day.

Total loss or repair?

Even as a satisfied car dealership customer, one should not fail to recognize that it can be economically more interesting for the dealer to sell a replacement vehicle and to deal with the accident car himself than to repair it. In case of doubt, seek legal advice.

Do not accept excessive residual values ​​

Accepting excessive residual value offers means losing money. If the car is classified as an economic total loss after an accident but is still repaired, the insurance company may not refer to higher residual value offers than shown in the report and make corresponding deductions when settling the claim.


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