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What is Volvo's chief designer Thomas Ingenlath driving?

What is Volvo's chief designer Thomas Ingenlath doing?
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What did you take to work this morning?

I ngenlath: Today actually with my company car, an XC90. Since I'm going on a business trip later, I have luggage with me. Otherwise I ride my bike. I find it a great luxury that it only takes me 30 minutes from home to work. Otherwise I would hardly move.

Mountain bike or racing bike?

Ingenlath: Both, depending on the weather . I use a Specialized hardtail mountain bike and a Cannondale road bike. For this I just bought extra-light Eggbeater pedals that weigh only 82 grams. But that's probably more of a man thing, because since I'm not a professional, reducing weight on the bike will hardly help me.

What was your most unreasonable purchase?

Ingenlath: Clearly: my first car. It was a first-generation VW Polo that I bought for 500 marks - and it rusted faster than I could weld.

Which car have you regretted the most?

Ingenlath: I would probably have to say now that it was the '73 Porsche 911. A yellow one, built just before the G-model appeared. I had it for ten years and had a lot of fun with it. Apart from the fact that I don't have a garage, other projects now count for me: my family and my work.

Which car do you associate a special experience with?

Ingenlath: With the Opel Kadett B. It belonged to a friend's grandmother, we drove around with it a lot. After graduating from high school, it went to Yugoslavia. The car got lost on a greasy road surface and landed in the guardrail. The Opel was towed to the next village, where the local blacksmith classified the crooked front axle as a total loss. Then we unscrewed the license plates, but must have looked so baffled that the blacksmith felt sorry for them. He attached a chain to the axle, the other end somewhere in his workshop. Then he put the car in reverse and started three times until the axle was halfway straight again.Then he set the track Pi times the thumb and we could go home with the Opel. It was professionally repaired and drove for a few more years.

About the person

Thomas Ingenlath was born in Germany in 1964 born. Before he came to Volvo and took on the chief designer position, he worked for Audi, VW and Skoda among others.


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