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What is Leopold Prinz driving from. Bavaria?

What is Leopold Prince of Bavaria driving?
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With which model did your car career begin?

D he was a Goggomobil that my grandparents gave me. I drove around in the park of our castle with it. Well, before that I was allowed to drive vehicles on the lap of our chauffeur.

Which experience with your Goggo can you still remember?

Back then I had a kind of race track that led past our cattle breeding facility from our property. There was a long right-hand bend that was full of the Goggomobil - actually. But not once. I slipped on a cow dung, so to speak, turned, got off the road and rolled over three times in a nearby meadow. The car was of course a total write-off.

What was your most bizarre experience on the racetrack?

This certainly includes the 24-hour race on the Nürburgring from 1994. Before the Aremberg curve, I spun on a wet road at night at 150 km /h, hit a curb in the back, so that the M3 rose in front. The car overturned in the air, and in the meantime the Winkelhock came thundering, which I had overtaken shortly before. Flying upside down, the rear wing of my M3 tore off the windshield wiper of Jockel's BMW. Otherwise there was no damage to Winkelhock's car, which neither he nor his team could really believe. But it was like that.

What was the biggest lucky car purchase of your life?

Of course: the BMW Z8. I bought it four years ago for 108,000 euros and would get 260,000 today because it is one of the very few examples in black metallic with beige leather. I will definitely keep it.

In which car did you pick up your first girlfriend?

With a BMW 700. I have had a Porsche and a Jaguar, but I have my heart always beats for BMW. I am currently driving an M4 Coupé.


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