What is Laurens van den Acker driving

What is Laurens van den Acker doing
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Your earliest memory of a car?

M it was about four years when I was sitting with my father in his dark blue Volvo Amazon when suddenly a cyclist crossed the street and landed on the bonnet. Fortunately, nothing happened to anyone.

Your first attempts at driving?

In your mother's black Citro├źn Visa GT. It took me some time to get all the functions of this wonderful control satellite on the steering wheel.

What was your first car?

A Volvo 1800 ES, which I've always loved, but only bought it in 1995 after I moved from Audi to California because of the Bavarian winters. Because most of the specimens ended up there, I was even able to purchase one firsthand from a Hungarian immigrant. When I drove away, he cried and turned away.

Where do you prefer to drive?

I love car trips, and the most beautiful, varied and The USA offers the most spectacular scenery.

Why did you become a car designer?

I come from a creative family, my father was an architect, and so did I drew a lot as a child. Since I'm also interested in science, design seemed to be an ideal combination.

What is the greatest challenge for a car designer today?

The famous Ford designer Marc Newson once said that designing a car is like designing 500 things at the same time.

Do you have role models in your guild?

For me Marcello Gandini is the ultimate designer who could design everything - from the Lamborghini to the small Renault 5.

What is currently in your garage?

A Renault Zoe and the new Espace.

Your dream car?

The Alfa Romeo BAT Cars by Bertone.

For which model would you like to design a successor?

The Alpine A110.


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