What is Ken Block driving

What's Ken Block driving?
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Have you ever been tempted to drift off in normal traffic on a motorway exit? ?

B lock: Oh yes, I look at all the curves and wonder if they are good for drifting. When I was young I drove quite aggressively. Now, as a professional racing driver, I'm pretty slow. I always stick to the rules.

You had trouble with the police?

Block: That happened before. When I was 16 years old, I jumped over a small bridge in my car. The sheriff didn't like that. He took me to the station, my parents had to pick me up. As a young lad, I always wanted to make the most of acceleration. I don't need that anymore. My Ford Fiesta Rallycross with 600 hp is so fast that it is beyond the imagination.

There are Americans who travel to Germany especially to get it right on the autobahn to crack. Do you understand that?

Block: I also enjoyed that. Amazing that this is allowed in Germany. But top speed is not the most important thing for me. I want to be quick in the corners. And I love drifting.

The drift cars are all yours?

Block: I'm a factory-supported driver from Ford. The racing cars are all mine. The Mustang, the Escort, all the fiesta. I have five or six racing cars in total.

Which car is the most fun?

Block: Clearly the Mustang with the naturally aspirated V8 engine. It gives off its power so evenly. Lewis Hamilton recently wanted to buy the Mustang from me. When he heard the price, he was suddenly no longer interested.

Which car do you take the children to school with?

Block: With a pickup, a Ford F150 Raptor with all-wheel drive. A great car, plenty of interior space and a huge loading area.

Have you ever been tempted to buy a super sports car, a Lamborghinimaybe?

Block: I like these cars - just to look at them. Why should I spend a few hundred thousand dollars on a car like this, which is then slower than my racing car?

What was the most boring car you have ever driven?

Block: Mom's Toyota Corolla with front-wheel drive.


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