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What advantages do discontinued models offer?

Reinhard Schmid
Discontinued models and their successors
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They are called Citroen C3 First, Renault Clio Campus or S koda Octavia Tour, but what sounds like the name of an equipment line describes the predecessor still offered as a new car model. The latest example of this strategy: the Citro├źn C3 First.

The first generation of the rounded small car remains in a slimmed-down entry-level version alongside the more modern, second C3 generation. The reason: With the model change, cars are usually bigger and more expensive, with the C3, for example, the base price difference is at least 1,700 euros. Especially in price-sensitive segments such as small cars, this creates a gap that the expanded predecessor is supposed to fill for a transitional phase. Until recently, Citroen also offered the Berlingo First and the Xsara Picasso still fresh from the store - their direct successors arrived in 2008 (Berlingo) and 2006 ( C4 Picasso ) on the Market.

Renault Clio Campus and Peugeot 206+ will continue to be produced

Renault Clio Campus and the Peugeot 206+ are among the classics of this species. Both were presented over ten years ago and in 2009 it was their third spring. Almost at the same time as their actual successors, they received another visual makeover. The Peugeot , now named 206+, achieved thanks not least of the scrapping premium last year around 20,000 new registrations. The oldest model from this group, however, comes from Skoda . The firstOctavia was introduced in 1996 and has lived on as the Octavia Tour since 2004. With the Euro 5 obligation for all new cars from 2011, however, it threatens - like the other robust predecessor models - the end. Anyone interested in a troublemaker shouldn't just look at the price. Sometimes there is little safety equipment for little money.


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