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We'll be flying to work in 2050 - won't we? The future of mobility

Looking ahead - the future of mobility
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T he fossil fuels are finite - this has been known for decades, but the gasoline-powered internal combustion engine has been the measure of all things for more than 100 years. The questions about the future of private transport are becoming more and more pressing, solutions and approaches are breaking new ground.

Still the measure of all things - the combustion engine - but how much longer?

With gas, electric, hybrid and hydrogen vehicles, the industry is looking for alternatives - and is increasingly offering them to end consumers. But they only make up a negligible proportion of today's vehicles.

How will cars look in 10, 25 or 50 years?

Will today's cars still exist? Are there any after gas stations with pumping systems or does the refueling process take too much time, which we will then no longer have in the accelerated world? - Lots of questions - we want to present your answers .

What equipment should the car of the future have?

Perhaps you have ideas about which equipment, which features and which technical developments should go into the cars of the future? A completely voice-controlled automobile or a modern cabin scooter, as it was presented years ago and then disappeared again into the eternal hunting grounds of the fantasy web with no financially viable future.

Should it be a clearly defined rail network for one or two people -Give a vehicle that only allows getting in and out - and so restrictively buries private transport? Many scenarios are possible, many technical innovations are waiting to be ready for series production.

Your opinion is needed - what will individual mobility look like in 2050

And: Will it still exist then? ? Will electric cars become a serious and affordable alternative to internal combustion engine cars by 2020? Will we only jet from mega-city to mega-city in public transport in 2050? Will private transport perhaps no longer exist soon?

Let your creativity run free and design your personal future scenario, a drawing of the future car or a picture of a car that will definitely be part of the future in 25 years.

Please send your ideas, drawings, pictures or texts to the following email address: kklauder@motorpresse.de Keyword: future


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