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  • Weekly outlook from 08.01. - 01/24/2009: New Honda CR-V and Toyota Yaris

Weekly outlook from 08.01. - 01/24/2009: New Honda CR-V and Toyota Yaris

Weekly outlook from 08.01. - 24.01.2009
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N eu at the dealer and special models

- Honda is sending the new Honda CR-V with a fresh design and a ten hp Euro 5 diesel engine into the race. The sale starts on January 16th. Prices start at 26,950 euros.

- On Saturday, January 16, Honda invites you to breakfast at its dealerships. The new special models of the Honda Jazz , Honda Civic , Honda CR-V and the Honda Accord be admired. These offer extensive equipment packages in connection with high price advantages. For example, the Honda Civic attracts as a GT special model with a price advantage of up to 5,000 euros. For the Honda Accord 2.4 Executive Edition Automatic, Honda is even offering a price advantage of 12,460 euros.

- Renault has launched the special edition 'Edition Sportway' of the Laguna and Laguna station wagon. The price advantage is up to 3,400 euros.

- Also the Toyota Yaris is getting a revision for 2010. Optical retouching now makes the small car appear fresher. The economical Optimal Drive motors are available as standard for all equipment variants. In terms of price, the revised Yaris should be based on the 2009 model year. Here the starting price was around 12,000 euros.

- Mazda offers under the motto“ Don't wait! Start! ”An early visitor bonus on the entire model range at the beginning of the year.

Trade fairs and exhibitions

- Thanks to the great demand, the Volkswagen AutoMuseum is extending the special exhibition “30 Years of the Volkswagen Bulli T3” will run until January 31, 2010. You can see a cross-section of the history of the T3 from 1979 until today.

- UntilOn February 28, 2010 the Porsche Museum at Porscheplatz in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen is showing the special exhibition “Panamera Moment”. It offers insights into the development of the fourth Porsche - Series.


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