Weakest sales since reunification

Fewer new cars, export is picking up
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M with around 181,200 new registrations, the result is around 4, 3 percent below the already weak January of the previous year, announced the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) on Tuesday (February 2nd), thus specifying slightly different information from the Association of Importers VDIK.

Export has increased

On the other hand, export and production in Germany have increased strongly. As reported by the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), German manufacturers sold 264,500 vehicles abroad, 18 percent more than a year ago.

At the beginning of last year, politicians reacted to the crisis in the German car market and the scrapping bonus brought to life. This brought the industry a record sales of 3.81 million new cars in 2009. However, due to purchases being brought forward, experts fear negative long-term effects of the environmental premium in 2010. 'Since October 2009, with the end of the environmental bonus, new registrations have been falling,' says the KBA's announcement.

The VDA had sales of 2.75 to 3.0 million vehicles in Germany for the current year predicted. According to the VDIK assessment, January documents the forecast development and shows the “normal, weak level” of the car market in Germany.

German manufacturers with a false start

For German manufacturers According to KBA, the domestic year started with a false start. Only the brand VW was able to increase sales by book almost eleven percent and thus achieved a market share of 23.3 percent. Of all other brands with large German plants, only Opel beat halfway respectable with a minus of 5.2 percent; on the other hand lost Audi , BMW , Mercedes and Ford between ten and 20 percent. The sports car manufacturer Porsche with a decrease of almost 32 percent to only 845 new cars.

At the same time, however, the January figures confirmed the growth expectations in important foreign markets. In January, orders from abroad exceeded the order volume of January 2009 by 38 percent, according to the VDA. Domestic orders, on the other hand, were 16 percent below the previous year's volume.

Thanks to improved demand from abroad, the German plants produced 362,700 cars in January - 17 percent more than at the beginning of 2009. VDA President Matthias Wissmann emphasized: 'Thanks to the good start, car production in 2010 could be due to the rising foreign markets and due to further market share gains despite the weaker domestic business at least achieve the previous year's level. According to earlier VDA information, almost five million passenger cars were produced in Germany in 2009, ten percent less than in 2008.


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