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VW XL1 at the Geneva Motor Show: One-liter car goes into production

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Geneva Motor Show 2020
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V W has his vision of the one-liter car developed for series production. At the Geneva Motor Show, the finished VW XL1 is finally getting together. The answer to the most burning question right away: The average consumption should actually be 0.9 liters.

Up to 160 km /h in the VW XL1

The series VW XL1 is 3.89 meters long, 1.67 meters wide and only 1.16 meters high. Thanks to the carbon fiber chassis and extremely lightweight construction, the hip flask should weigh only 795 kg and have a drag coefficient of 0.186.

The VW XL1 is powered by a diesel plug-in hybrid drive. This couples a 0.8-liter two-cylinder TDI with an electric motor and a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The diesel engine develops 48 hp and 120 Nm, the electric motor, which sits between the TDI and DSG, contributes 20 kW and 100 Nm. VW specifies the system output as 51 kW and 140 Nm. The lithium-ion battery in the front of the car has a capacity of 5.5 kWh and should enable a range of 50 kilometers in purely electric mode. It is recharged at the socket or when braking, when the electric motor acts as a generator. The overall range of the VW XL1 should be around 550 kilometers.

The VW XL1 accelerates from zero to 100 km /h in 11.9 seconds, and the top speed is electronically limited to 160 km /h.

VW XL1 is a two-seater

The seating arrangement is new on the VW XL1 in the production version. For greater suitability for everyday use, the driver and front passenger were not positioned one behind the other as in the prototypes, but side by side. This made the VW XL1 a little wider than the last variant, but retained the basic shape. The gullwing doors and the clad rear wheel cutouts were also retained. Mini cameras replace the rear-view mirrors, and all lighting elements use LED technology. The flat tail does not have a rear window, but offers a 100-liter trunk. At the front, the VW XL1 rolls on 15-inch lightweight 115/80 tires, while 16-inch 145/55 tires rotate at the rear. ABS and ESP are also on board.

How many XL1s are to be manufactured in the Osnabrück factory and what the sales philosophy should look like is currently being discussed by the VW board. A small series of 250 models and a leasing concept are currently assumed.The VW XL1 fleet should be on the road in the first half of 2013.


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