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VW Varok: The ultimate station wagon pickup

Valentin Fuchs /Pierre Joveneaux
VW Varok
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VW Varok for Australia

Not least because the latest model, the V W Atlas , more conventional or some even claim it is boring. To counter this, Valentin Fuchs and Pierre Joveneaux designed the VW Varok, a variable pickup for the Australian market.

Cool is different: The VW Atlas for the USA.

Fuchs says: “The aim of the project was to show how Volkswagen could conquer the Australian market.” With a UTE, a pick-up truck that is typical of Australia, which is strong and sporty. The two were inspired by the Holden UTE Redline with 536 hp 6.2-liter V8 and the Volvo V90.

Removable hatchback

And accordingly, the VW Varok carries as a derivative of the VW Amarok, volvoeske trains. Short overhangs at the front, narrow window areas, massive front with a spacey light band and strong rear end. The highlight of the model: the hatchback is removable and instead of the five-seater with a closed luggage compartment, a two-seater with a pick-up loading area is created.

It's cool: The Holden SSV Redline with a 6.2-liter V8.

With this, Fuchs, responsible for the exterior design, and Pierre Joveneaux (3D modeling) would like to be prepared for all transport eventualities. In particular, the color-contrasting lashing strap system is an eye-catcher and holds roof boxes, bulky goods and the rear of the station wagon in place. Unfortunately, there is no statement about the drive. But what would an Aussie UTE be without a V8 engine with a lot of power.


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