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A b works, the VW Up does it even in the powerful GTI -Variant only on 115 HP and 200 Nm torque from its three-cylinder turbo gasoline engine with one liter displacement. At Tuner B & B, the performance of the small car can be increased in several stages.

The first expansion stage only relies on an additional control unit for the engine management, which then elicits 125 hp and 220 Nm of torque from the three-cylinder. B&B charges 698 euros for this. If you want more power, level two is ignited. When the engine control software is changed, the boost pressure is increased by around 0.2 bar. The three-cylinder then swings up to 136 hp and 240 Nm. Anyone who invests the required 998 euros for this is rewarded with a top speed of 205 km /h.

With 145 PS to 210 km /h

The third expansion stage offers the ultimate performance kick, if The software and the further increased boost pressure are joined by optimized intake paths. The test bench shows 145 HP and 260 Nm torque. A maximum of 210 km /h should be possible on the track. The cost is 1,498 euros.

For the smaller VW Up with standard 90 hp and 160 Nm, the performance increases in level 1 to 115 hp and 200 Nm (998 euros) and in level 2 to 125 hp and 225 Nm (1,498 euros).

So that the three-cylinder also sounds like more, B&B offers both a sports rear silencer (from 795 euros) and a cat-up sports exhaust system (from 1,298 euros). More power also means more chassis. Here B & B opts for 30 mm shorter sport springs (248 euros) or a fully adjustable coilover kit (from 1,198 euros). The wheels are available with rims in the dimensions 7x17 and 7x18 inches. Here the bike prices start at 248 euros.


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