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VW Touran used cars in the deficiency report: the new benchmark

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Used vehicle VW Touran in deficiency report
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It is based on the tried and tested technology of the bestseller Golf, and like this it offers a high level of driving safety and functionality, but clearly more room. Although V W more than paid for for these positive characteristics, the newcomer catapulted himself to one of the top places in the registration statistics. And although the base price is already high, customers make plenty of crosses when it comes to additional equipment, opting for high-quality equipment lines such as Highline and adding extras such as automatic air conditioning.

If you are interested in a diesel model, you should check whether the previous owner opted for the soot particle filter. Otherwise all that remains is to retrofit. After all, the Touran already has the Driving dynamics control ESP. It shouldn't be difficult for those interested in finding a suitable specimen on the used car market; the selection is excellent. A three-year-old 1.6-liter petrol engine with 102 hp and 70,000 kilometers on the clock starts at 11,500 euros, a comparable TDI diesel is around 500 euros higher. The prices for an Ecofuel model from 2007 with a mileage of 70,000 kilometers are the same amount higher.

This version of the Touran has a converted two-liter four-cylinder with 109 hp and can optionally run on petrol or operate natural gas. Good to know that the Touran is one of the vehicles with the fewest defects in its class during the general inspection. Only rarely does it attract attention with electronic defects. The website www.touran-club.de provides a useful overview of vulnerabilities.


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