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VW T2 fresh off the assembly line: Holland brings cult campers back

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VW T2 fresh off the assembly line
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I n South America has been the VW bus since the sixties Years built. In the meantime, however, a boxer engine is no longer used, but a water-cooled four-cylinder with 1.4 liter displacement and 80 hp.

The VW T2c is available in two expansion variants: In the T2 Classic there is one from the driver's seat to the sliding door at the rear a continuous kitchenette and next to it a bench for two people. In the VW T2 Beach, the bench that can be folded down to form a bed extends over the entire width of the vehicle and offers space for three people. On the other hand, the Beach kitchen unit and built-in cupboards are more compact.

VW T2 with Trendline, Comfortline or Highline equipment

As with the current VW T5, Trendline, Comfortline and Highline are available as equipment lines . The entry-level version Trendline focuses on the basic equipment, which includes a pop-top roof, an immobilizer, a sofa bed and bench, a twelve-volt refrigerator, curtains and a kitchenette with a sink, electric pump and two gas hobs. The VW T2c is painted white and has a single-color interior from 32,425 euros (net).

The Comfortline equipment variant is expanded to include a two-tone exterior paint, a windscreen heater, CD player, multi-colored interior lining with fabric and a floor lined with linoleum. There is a choice of 18 designs and fabrics for the interior and 50 colors for the exterior paintwork; Metallic painting costs extra. The freshly produced VW T2c Comfortline is available from 36,628 euros (net).

If you opt for Highline, you will also receive alloy wheels, roof racks, parking sensors at the rear, chrome bumpers, leather upholstery and a dummy of the iconic spare wheel box under the windshield. The highest equipment variant costs from 41,669 euros (net). Cabin heating is standard on all models.

VW T2 also as a station wagon and with LPG drive

The Dutch dealer also offers its VW T2 as a simple station wagon. The basic version without rear seats costs from 26,001 euros (net), as a five-seater it is available from 26,086 euros (net) and as an eight-seater from 26,841 euros (net). The 1.4-liter 80 hp engine is installed in all models on offer.

The Dutchman also thinks that the VW T2c is an environmentally and cost-conscious choicea conversion to LPG (liquid gas) is ready. With Trendline and Comfort, retrofitting costs EUR 3,525 (net) and for Highline EUR 4,195 (net).

Loose The British make it possible

The VW T2c neither complies with the Euro 5 standard, nor can it be declared a historic vehicle. In order to still be able to register the VW T2c in the EU, the Bullis are registered as new vehicles in Great Britain for the first time. The looser regulations of the British make this possible. Once in the EU, the VW T2c can then also be registered in the Netherlands and any other European country.

The VW T2c imported from Brazil and sold in Holland are therefore actually used cars. But the dealer gives a three-year guarantee on the buses - but the good piece then has to be inspected by the Dutch once a year. The VW T2c can also be rented for camping holidays in Holland.


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