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VW T2 Bulli at the GTI meeting in Wörthersee: casual order

Markus Stier
VW T2 Bulli at the GTI meeting in Wörthersee
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T 1 was out of the question. You can't pay T1. 'You put 20,000 francs down there and you get a ruin,' says Olaf. Olaf Thoma is an electrician and not a Croesus. But unfortunately he's a junkie and his material is air-cooled. He's already made a nice bucket car, but it's suitable A Bulli should be here. Olaf found a T2 for 4,000 francs with a flatbed and converted it into a camper van.

Also the Germans have a sense of humor

The body derusted and sandblasted, then painted gray, the passenger cell clad in red leather, the chassis lowered moderately. Olaf admits: 'I was amazed that I got the approval at the first attempt have. Normally the authorities always want everything to be original. 'After all, this is the 1500 boxer, which only draws attention to itself with a little chrome, but otherwise rattles away with standard 48 hp. If there is any need to prove that Germans also have a sense of humor: The speedometer in the T2 bus goes up to 140.

You have to use the summers, especially if you don't have long holidays. Olaf likes to go to VW meetings, in May to the Wörthersee, in late summer the air-cooled to the Belgian spa. So that he can spend the night in a fitting manner, he has converted the bed into a double bed. He is reluctant to open the tarpaulin. “Inside is just a pouf”. The prospect of a joyous house turns out to be an empty promise Inside there is only an unmade bed and a few supplies at the foot end.

He is embarrassed because the cheerful, casual Swiss with flip-flops and sunburn on his feet is a real Swiss inside. 'I wanted Or have dnung ”, he emphasizes, and so the yawning throat of the storage space on the right between axes of a stylish drawer, in which a proper music system including a USB connection, power socket and voltage display is housed. He doesn't have to worry about starting the engine after long nights.

VW T2 Bulli with red fabric roof

A second battery in the abdomen of the T2 can be safely removed on a mild summer night Suck out the electrical system. But of course you also need something to nibble and cold drinks, the cool box is located in the drawer at the back on the right, storage space on the left. Nothing rumbles in Olaf's VW bus in the area.

The slopeperfection is also expressed in the bright red hood. 'Sonnenland fabric is the only one that holds tight when it rains,' says Olaf proudly, pointing out that convertibles that are self-respecting are sewn from the same thread. The boxer friend had a matching awning made from the same material in the same red, you don't just want to sleep, you also want to live.

However, there was no opportunity to set it up, a photo on the smart Phone must suffice as evidence. The weather report predicted severe thunderstorms in the afternoon.

From now on, the Thoma house has a clear strategy: 'I take the Kübelwagen to one-day meetings, and the bus to several days.' The car is now ready - nothing more to do. Olaf gives the all-clear: 'There are two more Weber on it, that worked well with the bucket.'

But after the camping season follows a cold, long winter in Glarus. And in that, Olaf can already warm up to the idea of ​​jetting to Lake Faak with an impressive 60 hp next summer.


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