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VW-Suzuki alliance: VW does not want a higher stake in Suzuki

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Volkswagen and Suzuki agreed a strategic partnership at the beginning of December: V W takes a 19.9 percent stake in Japan's fourth-largest car manufacturer, which invests up to half of the purchase price of 1.7 billion euros in VW shares.

Suzuki does not want a higher VW stake

Suzuki boss Osamu Suzuki had announced his company does not want to allow the major shareholder VW a higher stake. Suzuki is strongly represented in countries where VW still has gaps - for example in Japan and India.

VW wants to benefit from the competence of the Japanese in building inexpensive small cars and the strong market position in emerging countries. The Wolfsburg-based car manufacturer wants to overtake Toyota by 2018 and to Advance auto world power. Klingler told the 'Autogazette' that despite the last year of the crisis, the VW Group saw no reason to revise its growth targets.

Building a cheap car similar to the Tata Nano ruled out Klingler. A car like the Tata Nano is definitely not interesting for VW. Suzuki is currently in the process of 'drawing up a list of the tasks we want to tackle primarily,' he said.


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