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VW Scirocco restoration: team work to create a dream coupé

VW Scirocco I restoration
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M so people are not so precise about many things. Holger Rausch from Alsfeld in the Vogelsberg district is not one of them. No wonder that he always comes across classics whose condition is far too good for everyday driving. This is the case with his '86 Porsche 911 Targa, and it was also the case with his concours-compatible VW Scirocco GTI, which he recently sold. But since he has had a preference for the angular coupé from Wolfsburg since his student days, he came up with the idea of ​​getting a Scirocco I as an everyday car.

Blinded by the Scirocco chrome model

An advertisement on the Internet sounded promising. A VW Scirocco GL Series I was offered first hand, which has been out of service for 16 years. The visit to the Bavarian town of Olching was satisfactory. 'I was attracted by the fact that it was a chrome model and that certain things such as the interior were in good condition,' recalls the Hessian. Of course, he also noticed some rust spots - but he wasn't aware of what repairs would ultimately be in store for him, 'otherwise I wouldn't have bought the car,' he admits.

First of all, he planned the VW Getting the Scirocco ready to drive with the most necessary work. He even dreamed of doing without a new paint job. But then everything turned out very differently.

screws in a duet

Rausch possessed thanks to an apprenticeship as a radio and television technician and a degree in electrical engineering a certain amount of screwdriver skills, but when working on his VW Scirocco he relied on the help of his friend Matthias Hahnke, a mechanic in a free workshop. Hahnke has a particular fondness for the VW brand and has already built up a number of vehicles for beauty competitions. So he had the right qualifications to satisfy someone who values ​​meticulous work.

Strictly speaking, the two even spurred each other on. During the detailed inspection of the VW Scirocco, it had long been clear to Rausch that a few jobs were not enough. The rocker panels, parts of the front standing sheets, the rear wheel arches, the fenders, the doors and parts of the floor pan needed to be renewed. 'If you looked closely, you always came across new rust in sheet metal folds or between double sheets, and that of course also had to be repaired,' Hahnke explainsExpansion of the workload.

'So we often came to a point where everything seemed to escalate and it made no sense to continue working for cost reasons,' says Rausch, describing the low points of the restoration. Then the VW Scirocco stood in the corner for three or four weeks, but somehow it finally went on again.

Reproduction Sheets require post-processing

Incidentally, all weld seams on the sheets used have been tinned. The repair of the rust-eaten doors of the VW Scirocco did not work as expected. Fortunately, the doors were still available as a new part. But these were a moderately good reproduction. Suddenly the gaps were no longer correct, and Hahnke was only able to get rid of this problem through appropriate tinning.

While Rausch took care of the refurbishment of the intact interior and all add-on parts on the body and in the Taking care of the engine compartment, bringing parts to blue galvanizing, yellow chromating and powder coating, Hahnke set about revising the technology of the VW Scirocco. The engine, which had run 96,000 kilometers, showed hardly any signs of wear, but at least the valves were ground in, new bearing shells were installed and the timing belt replaced. The gearbox was initially only checked and re-sealed, but later received new synchronizer rings.

Obtaining spare parts was the biggest problem

In such work, as well as in the renewal of the brake system or the chassis revision of the VW Scirocco, Rausch limited himself to the function of the assistant, 'after all, Matthias is a gifted mechanic,' he says. So neither in the first part of the restoration nor in the nicer second section, in which the freshly painted body was provided with parts, there were no noteworthy problems - at least as far as the craftsmanship was concerned.

'The biggest difficulties with this VW Scirocco Project prepared the procurement of spare parts, 'notes Rausch. Especially if you only want to use original parts if possible. To live up to his standards, he did the best things. He benefited from a number of contacts in the classic car scene that he had gradually gained. For example, he knew someone who had a complete Scirocco interior. He got new door panels from him, because the ones in his car had been perforated for the installation of speakers.

VW Scirocco door strips are weighed in gold

Even when the VW Scirocco was built the surface of the stuck-on moldings has become milky. 'Today, new parts are weighed in gold,' says Rausch. But he managed to get hold of around 15 new door strips for a lot of money. He used two for the doors, and the resthe cut the other shorter pieces needed.

And then there was a small crack in the rubber bumper of his bumper. But the strips were nowhere to be found. Rausch accidentally discovered an advertisement in which a VW Scirocco with brand new bumpers was offered. Immediately he called the seller to buy the bumper from him. He refused, but agreed to swap his bumpers with Rausch for a four-digit amount.

But there was a catch, Rausch found minor defects on the new VW Scirocco bumpers on closer inspection . After lengthy discussions he was able to return them and got his old ones back, but kept the nicer bumper strips.

Gear knob for 100 euros

A matching gear knob in good condition, which he bought for 100 euros from someone who actually wanted to sell a complete VW Scirocco, cost him a lot of money. Rausch's love of original details went so far that he did not accept any adhesive weights on the balanced rims. Fortunately, he knew a tire dealer who still had the lead weights customary at the time.

Rausch and Hahnke spent over 1,000 hours after work and on weekends to restore the VW Scirocco to new condition. And even if someone takes it very seriously, he has to admit that it has turned out to be a perfect car.


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