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VW reorganization: Shareholder calls for Müller to resign

VW reorganization
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D ie Fund company Union Investment is calling for another change at the top of the Volkswagen Group in order to cope with the emissions scandal, reports the FAZ. It would be better if Volkswagen relied on external executives to lead the management and the supervisory board. The most urgent thing to do is to regain trust in the capital market. But that is not possible with the current leadership. This is already burdened by her long time in the company.

VW design costs 100 million euros a year

According to information from the Handelsblatt, the red pencil in Walter de Silva's design department is to be applied to the intended group restructuring will. This department should devour 100 million euros annually. Meanwhile, VW has confirmed to auto motor und sport that the VW chief designer de Silva is leaving the company - probably also because of the threatened austerity measures.

Large trade fair parties will be canceled

There will also be cuts in marketing at Volkswagen. 'Pompous parties on the eve of the important trade fairs in Frankfurt, Geneva and China' should be canceled, according to the Handelsblatt. This alone would save 24 million.

The 'Strategy 2025' announced by VW boss Matthias Müller should also be available in the middle of the year. Among other things, this should include a reorganization of passenger cars - especially those models that compete. Insiders expect resistance from the individual VW brands.


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