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VW pulls the plug at Gett: Driving service becomes a grave of millions

VW pulls the plug at Gett
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V W wanted to earn money with the ride-hailing provider with networked car-related services. By 2025, the division should make a significant contribution to the group result. Even back then, VW had set itself the goal of becoming one of the world's leading mobility providers. For this purpose, the Wolfsburg had bought the travel agent Gett (formerly GetTaxi).

Driver with a license for passenger transport

The company Gett, with development site in Israel, was a leading provider in the European market for the brokerage of driving services and was active in more than 60 cities around the globe, including London, Moscow and New York City. In London, for example, half of all Black Cabs reportedly used Gett's services in 2016. Its mobility solution was the only offer aimed equally at private and corporate customers.

With the Gett app, as with Uber, customers can book trips either immediately or in advance at the push of a button. In addition to passenger transport, delivery services and logistics services are also offered. More than 4,000 companies took advantage of the offer at the time.

In mid-2018, VW invested another $ 80 million in Gett, but business stalled. The business model stipulates that only drivers who have a corresponding official license to transport passengers are used. The competition from Uber does without it and apparently bypasses Gett. Other rivals like Didi or Lyft also seem to be more successful.


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