VW Phideon: luxury sedan for China

Guido ten Brink /SB-Medien
Geneva Motor Show 2020
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2 015 VW had that in Shanghai VW C Coupé GTE Concept shown, in 2016 the luxury class sedan Phideon grew from it. This will celebrate its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, but will be reserved exclusively for the Chinese market from the end of 2016. There, the high-end sedan in the luxury segment above the Passat or the Magotan offered in China is supposed to poach.

Guido ten Brink /SB-Medien
The fund is lush, but it feels like it no bigger than a Skoda Superb.

VW Phideon: five-meter limo with longitudinal engine

The VW Phideon is the first VW to use the new modular Longitudinal construction kit (MLB). It was developed in Germany in close cooperation with the Chinese partner SAIC, where the Phideon will also be manufactured. His name - Phideon - is an artificial word; it stands for elegance and reliability and can be traced back phonetically and symbolically to Fides, the Roman goddess of loyalty.

Lots of chrome on the front, sides and rear, LED main headlights, LED daytime running lights and LED -Rear lights and stainless steel tailpipes ensure premium Klimbim.

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Seat sample in the VW Phideon - that's luxury in China

The five-seat Phideon is 5.05 meters long, 1st , 87 meters wide and 1.48 meters high. The wheelbase spans more than three meters. This creates space in the rear: there, too, the passenger can relax on electrically adjustable leather seats, ventilated or heated as required, and relax using the massage function. Behind the armrestA refrigerator for drinks is waiting between the seats in the exhibition vehicle. Inside, however, it looks like very mundane white goods from the media market and protrudes expansively in the middle of the, albeit huge, trunk.

Space economy seems less the issue for a representative limousine for China. It goes with the fact that the fund is lush, but not larger than that of a Skoda Superb. The layman asks himself a little why the VW Group needs a platform with a longitudinally installed engine at all.

Guido ten Brink /SB-Medien
From the driver's seat, the Phideon appears in the In the positive sense, conservative: No virtual operating landscapes and displays, but real instruments await the driver.

VW Phideon - clear and classic

On closer inspection, China Premium is still a bit behind the German VW -Standard back: The chrome edge on the controls looks fake, their black plastic shines a little too much - like the fold-out table on the front seat, which already reflects quite a few fingerprints. At first glance, you could think of it as a giant tablet that is too deep. But the LED ambient light can be adapted to suit the mood and the doors close electrically.

From the driver's seat, the Phideon is conservative in a positive sense: the driver does not expect virtual operating landscapes and displays, but real instruments. The electrically adjustable steering wheel and the equally diverse electrically adjustable seats should also be easily adaptable to exotic statures, the right hand finds its way to the leather-covered automatic selector lever and the clearly designed bonnet spreads out in front of the huge windshield: Somehow you really get pleasure to let this giant VW glide over country roads with the distinctive crease.

Gerd Stegmaier

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VW Phideon is lavishequipped

Self-drivers might like the Phideon. On the drive side, the top-of-the-range China Phaeton relies on a three-liter V6 turbo gasoline engine with direct injection, 300 hp and 440 Nm torque. The drive torque flows to all four wheels via a 4Motion all-wheel drive. A 2.0 TSI is also used as a pure front drive. A plug-in hybrid drive will also be offered later. The chassis technology also sounds promising and there are definitely sensible driving aids for the chauffeur on board: The Phideon's air suspension can be adjusted in 5 levels, a head-up display provides on-board information, a camera-based night vision system detects possible obstacles, and four cameras improve all-round visibility when maneuvering . Other assistance systems include adaptive cruise control, a parking assistant, a lane keeping and lane change assistant, a proactive occupant protection system and automatic high beam control.

Of course, the VW Phideon also wants to play a leading role when it comes to connectivity. This is where the latest developments from the Group’s modular infotainment kit come into play - so that the chauffeur can distract himself in a timely manner when he is stuck in a traffic jam, which is also modern in China.


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