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VW pays bonus and profit sharing: special bonus for VW employees too

VW pays bonus and profit sharing
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HR director Horst Neumann spoke of a' sign of Recognition 'for employee performance.

Works Council Chairman Bernd Osterloh said: 'In our discussions, the board and we were of the opinion that the workforce had made great efforts in the past Year must honor. ' For example, the workforce at the main plant in Wolfsburg worked 44 extra shifts last year in order to meet customer demand promptly. 'With this financial recognition, Volkswagen shows that the commitment of its employees is a key success factor.'

Additional VW profit sharing is 1,275 euros

The special payment for employees compensates for losses elsewhere. According to a VW regulation, employees receive ten Percent of the Volkswagen brand's operating profit. Because of a slump in profits last year, this means a payment of 1,275 euros. For the record year 2008 the employees had received a bonus of 4,100 euros.

VW boss Martin Winterkorn and CFO Hans Dieter Pötsch had each received a special bonus of 800,000 euros, the other board members 200,000 euros. The reason given was 'special services' in connection with P orsche called. VW had won a month-long takeover power struggle with the sports car maker.


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