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VW Passat GTE in the police force: with hybrid drive on the hunt for gangsters

VW Passat GTE in police service
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A The VW Passat is currently the best-selling police car in Germany. In 2015, the new VW Passat generation is to build on this success story. The Wolfsburg-based company is now showing what a police Passat could look like with a police car study. Their optics meet all operational and tactical requirements with their typical blue-silver appearance, special signal system and digital radio. As a variant, there is also storage space for appropriate operational equipment.

VW Passat GTE with 50 km purely electric range

The police Passat is also included on the drive side equipped with a plug-in hybrid drive. A drive combination of 1.4-liter four-cylinder turbo gasoline engine and electric motor works in the Passat GTE. The combustion engine delivers 156 hp, the electric motor integrated in the transmission 85 kW and 330 Nm. VW specifies a system output of 218 hp and 400 Nm for the Passat GTE.

In pure electric mode, the GTE should travel 50 kilometers and be up to 130 km /h. VW specifies the total range of the Passat with a speed of up to 220 km /h at over 1,000 km. The standard consumption for the hybrid drive should be 2.0 liters and 13 kWh per 100 km. The CO2 emissions are given as 45 g /km.

The Police Passat can charge its electricity storage at the conventional socket in 4 hours and 15 minutes, with a special wallbox (3.6 kW) or at According to public charging stations, the charging process should only take 2.5 hours.


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