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VW modular strategy: modular system cuts costs by 20 percent

VW modular strategy
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'One-off and unit costs are reduced by 20 percent,' said Ulrich Hackenberg, Head of Development, auto motor und sport. The production times decrease even more. 'We're improving by around 30 percent.'

VW transverse modular system carries 40 models

The modular system means that the processes and material flow in the plants are the same for different models. 'This is a huge corporate tool. It goes as far as the supply of spare parts, customer service, and the dealership. And it has the great advantage that we now have a large turntable, so to speak, and can produce virtually all models of the modular transverse matrix in every factory 'said Hackenberg. According to Hackenberg, more than 40 models will be built on the basis of the modular transverse matrix alone. 'It includes the Polo, Golf and Passat as well as all intermediate vehicles from Sportback to Coupé to SUV.'

Although the new VW Up is not based on the modular transverse matrix, parts of the Up will in future also be used in the model series above used. 'For example, the three-cylinder fits into the Polo and theoretically also into the Golf. This gives us the option of using the engine in larger quantities in the modular transverse matrix and thus achieving corresponding synergies.'


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