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VW Jetta III from & # 34; Fast & amp; Furious & # 34; will be auctioned

Barrett-Jackson Auctions
VW Jetta III from 'Fast & Furious' will be auctioned
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We do not know exactly what induced director Rob Cohen to create a V W Jetta III to share in the myth of the 'Fast & Furious' series. He was neither particularly exotic nor particularly athletic. But that didn't prevent the filmmakers from sending a white, pasted, spoiled copy into the race in the first part. This Jetta is now up for auction at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction house.

'Fast & Furious' -VW Jetta III 2.0 with automatic transmission

Let's remember the film from 2001: The crew of Torretto (Vin Diesel) and O'Connor (Paul Walker) are guests at a drag racing event in the California desert. Also there is Jesse (Chad Lindberg) and his VW Jetta III. The young Jesse competes with his Volkswagen against a Honda S2000. That sounds like a really one-sided duel - and in the end it was. Jesse loses the race and with it his Jetta. In the further course of the film, the white craft booth no longer appears.

Barrett-Jackson Auctions
Chic, but no power miracle: two-liter machine with 115 hp.

Because although the outside of the Jetta has been heavily modified, including a rear wing, large rims, sports seats and a headlight mask, the technical data of the auction candidate is so unspectacular how the Jetta is. A two-liter engine with 115 hp drives the front wheels - this can also be seen in the film (see video below). The power in this example, which by the way was not a stunt car, is transmitted byFour-speed automatic - yes, the 1990s. After all: the engine compartment has been nicely prepared.

Previous owner more prominent than actor

Paul Walker has himself on the grand piano immortalized with an autograph who died in a car accident in November 2013. Director Rob Cohen and 'Driver' Chad Lindberg also signed. Much more interesting, however, is the person who currently owns the Jetta.

Frankie Muniz is the name of the actor who bought the Jetta in 2002 and has kept it in his possession until now. Muniz became world famous for his role as Malcolm in the series 'Malcolm in the Middle' . There must have been something Frankie particularly liked about this Jetta that he kept it for 13 years. Perhaps it was the special extra in the interior that inspired him: A TV including a Playstation 2 is built into the Jetta.

Barrett-Jackson Auctions
Paul Walker also signed on the wild VW Jetta.

'Fast & Furious' -VW Jetta III will be auctioned in January 2016

The auction will take place from 23 to 31 January 2016 in Scottsdale (Arizona). So if you want the wildest VW Jetta III, you can Place your bid here .

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