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VW I.D. Crozz IAA (2020): market launch, dates, seat sample, price

Stefan Baldauf /Guido ten Brink
VW ID Crozz II (2020)
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The market launch of the I.D. Crozz is certain: in 2020 the SUV coupe will be a few months after the compact car I.D. (End of 2019) to hit the market. Three years earlier, the I.D. Series as a further developed study I.D. Crozz II to be seen at the IAA. It should come quite close to the production model. In November 2017, V W the market launch of the ID Crozz, which will be built in Zwickau, in the USA for 2020 as well.

I.D. Crozz II with a range of 500 kilometers

The large panoramic roof lets a lot of light into the interior of the VW ID Crozz II.

The interior of the study is largely from the I.D. Crozz I known: The dashboard is designed to float and offers the driver an electrically adjustable and retractable multifunction steering wheel, an Active Info Display, electronic exterior mirrors and an AR head-up display. All functions are operated by voice or gesture control. New: The 'Clean Air' menu, which can be used to call up information on air quality and activate preconfigured climate environments. The driver activates the fully automated I.D. via the VW symbol on the steering wheel. Pilot mode, which can also be activated and deactivated via voice control. Four laser scanners in the roof in cooperation with additional ultrasonic sensors, radar sensors and aera view cameras on the sides as well as a front camera recognize other road users and the immediate surroundings.

The initials I.D. should play a very central role at VW in the future. After the premieres of the I.D. (Paris 2016) and I.D. Buzz (Detroit 2017) followed with a crossover study in China as the third member of the I.D.family. It uses the 'All new Electric Architecture' as a common basis for all I.D models. All models have a range between 400 and on request up to 600Kilometers, a lounge interior as well as the digital display and operation and the fully automatic driving mode I.D: Pilot in common. In 2019 the compact I.D. on the market, 2020 the I.D. Crozz, two years later the I.D. Buzz as a multivariable van.

The I.D. Crozz at the Shanghai Auto Show

Although the I.D. Crozz is a bit smaller than the current Tiguan Allspace (4,625 mm long, 2,733 mm wheelbase, 1,891 mm wide and 1,609 mm high), thanks to the MEB with its axle and drive modules that have been moved far outwards, it offers a lot of wheelbase and thus a lot of space ( Trunk volume 515 liters) for the passengers. Especially since the battery disappears completely into the vehicle floor. There are four separate integral seats, headrests and belts are integrated into the backrests. The rear seats can be completely folded down; alternatively, only the seats can be folded up as shown.

auto motor und sport
Car Jens Dralle is the VW ID Crozz got a little closer.

It's quiet in here, very quiet. A pleasant counterbalance to the wanton crossover that the I.D. Crozz outside surrounds. One more study, yes, 'but we're already quite close to the series here,' says Jürgen Stackmann, VW Board Member for Sales. Hence the rest. No tinsel. Maximum reduced operating units. Stackmann is certain: 'In the future, almost everything will be done via voice control'. The rest on touch-sensitive surfaces. For example the door handles on the inside, in whose surface the buttons for the window lifters are seamlessly integrated. One control element, however, remains classic, old school, maybe even vintage or retro, who knows for sure: the steering wheel.

As in the other I.D. studies, it retreats into the instrument panel. But it's a shame, because it feels good, small and covered with Alcantara. “It will come with the next stages of autonomous driving. For the time being, it will stay with the completely conventional steering wheel, ”explains Stackmann. Good as well. In any case, the seats are comfortable, and of course the entry too, after all, the Crozz drives through the crossover world, where more ground clearance is essentialnecessary is. At least the customers believe. The rear of the coupé without a B-pillar is accessed after a sliding door has opened, which now seems less practical as it does not reveal the entire door cutout. It is still comfortable here in the back. And calm. Because so much is missing. A bulky center console, for example, or a large center tunnel.

The driver receives visual information via a 5.8-inch Active Info Display; In addition, he can view classic content such as the media library or the navigation map parallel to the tablet in the dashboard and control it using the buttons on the multifunction steering wheel.

The ID Crozz via touch displays, capacitive keypads as well as voice and gesture control. The digital center for the driver is the electrically adjustable and retractable multifunction steering wheel, an Active Info Display, an electronic interior mirror (E-Mirror), an AR head-up display and a door panel. A 10.2-inch tablet is also integrated in the middle of the dashboard.

The lighting concept of the study, which, if desired, can be fully automated, series planning from 2025, is a special eye-catcher. The I.D. Cross stand in communication with other course participants via his headlights with LED technology, but also greet the driver.

If you drive manually, the LED line graphics on the front section and the roof change to a white-blue color ('Light Blue '). The ambient light is also shown accordingly. At a higher speed, the 'eyes' adapt to the higher speed with a more dynamic light signature, becoming narrower and more concentrated. If the driver activates the fully automatic 'I.D. Pilot ”, switches the exterior and interior ambient lighting to“ magenta-violet ”; The laser scanners also extend outside; here a narrow ring of light shines in white. As the pace increases, the eyes look forward “with a sporty look”.


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