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VW I.D. Buzz (2022): market start, motorization, design, seat sample

Marcel Sommer
Official: VW ID Buzz is coming in 2022
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The ID Buzz is being developed further for series production. This decision was made by V W announced at the Concours d'Elegance in Pebble Beach, California. With the start of development for the production vehicle, the schedule is also fixed: The I.D. Buzz comes after the compact four-door I.D. hit the streets in 2022. With the I.D. Buzz and the entire I.D. Family, Volkswagen is primarily targeting the markets in North America, Europe and China. In addition to the VW I.D.Buzz as a people carrier, there will also be an I.D. Buzz Cargo, an electric transporter for emission-free delivery traffic that, as a level 3 vehicle, can also drive highly automated.


e also at the I.D. from Paris is also the I.D. Bus not only purely electric, but also fully networked. So this I.D. Study can drive fully automatically in the future. A slight pressure on the Volkswagen logo and the electrically retractable steering wheel disappears in the cockpit. When the driver then relaxes without driving, laser scanners (LiDAR), ultrasound and radar sensors and cameras should recognize other road users and the environment and bring passengers safely from A to B. Various on-board settings can be pre-configured using the app and personal profile. An augmented reality display projects information 7 to 15 meters virtually in three dimensions in front of the car. Cameras are replacing the rear-view mirrors.

But we will have to wait and see what can actually be implemented in series. As part of a design workshop in the run-up to the Detroit Motor Show, VW Head of Design Klaus Bischoff gave a brief insight into the series chances of some chic I.D. Buzz details. First candidate to be deleted: The electrically retractable steering wheel, or steering pad for short, is technically still completely without a series option. The flush glass surfaces, which take up almost the entire Buzz roof, are not (yet) feasible. For this, the VW designers see a great opportunity for recycled materials in the interior, which are processed and refined using laser technology. Even fabrics from the3D printers should be ready for series production relatively soon.


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