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VW Group: Audi gets SUV development expertise

VW Group
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D ie 'Financial Times Deutschland' had reported that the Ingolstadt-based carmaker would be given the authority to develop the group's large SUVs. These include the VW Touareg, the Audi Q7 and the Porsche Cayenne. Most recently, the responsibility for these series lay largely in the Porsche Development Center in Weissach.

Porsche responsible for sports cars

The sports car manufacturer Porsche, which is to be integrated into the VW Group in 2011, was responsible for the development of sports cars in the group. VW boss Martin Winterkorn had assured the Swabians at a works meeting that he would be responsible for sports cars and the modular construction kit for large luxury sedans such as the Panamera within the growing Volkswagen Group.

With his modular strategy, in which various parts for If several models of different brands are used, the VW Group wants to make production more flexible, leaner and more profitable.


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