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VW Golf GTI TCR (2018): 290 PS, 264 km / h, pictures, data

VW Golf GTI TCR (2018) with 290 PS
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S the Golf GTI TCR borrows a name from a motorsport series that has existed since 2015 and which VW won in 2016 and 2017 with the GTI TCR. While the competition vehicle is on the road with 350 hp, the special model has 290 hp. The two-liter turbo is almost as powerful as in the Golf R and just as powerful as in the Seat Leon Cupra.

Lock, cooler and spoiler

Just like there, the front axle has to keep up with the power get along, although a cross lock helps, as it is built into the GTI Performance. The TCR takes over the two water coolers from the R - the air duct in the front apron has been changed especially for this. High-gloss black applications indicate this. Splitters are also mounted on the apron. The sills get new attachments, the diffuser has a more distinctive design and the tailgate spoiler is more powerful in terms of better contact pressure. In addition to the classic GTI colors red and white, the TCR is also available in black and pure gray.

Interior with red stripes

A projection in the exterior mirrors throws the TCR logo onto the floor when the doors are opened, and the door sill trims light up in red. Sports seats, interior door panels and gear lever are covered with microfibre. On the steering wheel there are embossings at 3 and 9 o'clock (if you want to memorize the correct steering wheel position) and a red 12 o'clock mark. The seat belts have red edges, the gear lever a red stripe.

290 HP, 370 Nm , 270 km /h

A seven-speed dual clutch transmission transfers the power. The engine provides 370 Nm from 1,600 to 4,300 rpm. The maximum output of the EA 888 (290 hp) is between 5,000 and 6,800 rpm. The top speed is limited to 250 km /h - unless the buyer orders the Vmax to be increased to 264 km /h.

The Vmax cancellation also includes a chassis with adaptive dampers (DCC) and 20 Millimeter lowering and 19-inch wheels. The GTI TCR comes as standard with 18-inch forged wheels, which VW calls Belvedere. Perforated brake disks, adapted brake calipers and pads bring the special model to a standstill.

The TCR is made with an optional titanium sports exhaust from Akrapovic. OneOtto particle filter is standard. The prices are not yet known. The Golf GTI currently starts at 30,425 euros, the Golf R at 41,175 euros.


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