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VW Golf GTI and GTD Tuning
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The smallest VW Golf GTI expansion stage includes an optimization of the control unit, which results in an increase in performance of 60 hp. The bottom line is the V W Golf GTI then 270 PS ahead.

MTM VW Golf GTI: From zero to 100 km /h in 5.7 seconds

MTM has the largest tuning package for the VW Golf GTI in stock with the turbo kit. The Wolfsburg should sprint to 100 km /h in 5.7 seconds. The tuner indicates the performance increase after modifying the control unit, installing the MTM turbo kit, the new exhaust manifold and the four-pipe exhaust system with 100 hp. MTM also claims to have increased the torque to 410 Newton meters and the top speed to 270 km /h. If the increase in performance alone is not enough for you, you can optically upgrade your VW Golf with 18- or 19-inch aluminum rims in Bimoto design at prices between 1,499 and 1,899 euros. The large rim dimensions also make it possible to mount an MTM brake system with 380 millimeter brake discs.

MTM chassis for VW Golf GTI and GTD

To optimize the chassis, the tuner recommends lowering the front axle by 30 millimeters. Chassis and rims are also available for the VW Golf GTD. For the diesel, MTM has a tuning package with a performance increase of 35 hp for 2,698 euros. ( How the MTM-VW Golf GTD fares in the comparison test, read here ).


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