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VW Golf alternatives: These cars are available for 17,000 euros

VW Golf alternatives
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D German drivers love the VW Golf. For many years it has led the registration statistics and, like the Beetle once, is considered a car with a classless image - anyone who drives one allows hardly any conclusions to be drawn about their social status.

VW Golf alternatives: convertible, station wagon, van or sports car

In addition, the VW Golf is an all-round good car: Operation, workmanship, driving characteristics, overall comfort and resale value are high Level. However, this also applies to the price: VW charges at least 16,825 euros for the simplest Golf with an 80 hp petrol engine, which is why it is permissible to ask what interesting alternatives the new car market offers for this sum.

Of course, almost every manufacturer has a classic golf competitor in their range, but you may need significantly more space for luggage, dream of noticeably sportier driving performance, want a car without a roof over your head or more luxurious equipment. Or simply a chic alternative that isn't on every corner.

In our photo show, we present twelve models for the price of a basic Golf, citing their special advantages over the bestseller as well as their weaknesses. The important question of maintenance costs does not go unanswered.


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