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VW exhaust scandal: VW stops US diesel Passat

VW exhaust scandal
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W egen Due to the emissions scandal with diesel models, VW not only has to change the software on around 540,000 vehicles with the 1.6 TDI engine under the hood, but also changes to the hardware, reports the Federal Motor Transport Authority. VW boss Müller had already announced new technology modules for these models in October. Which interventions are necessary in each case is currently being determined at VW.

Voucher campaign for US customers

Um To win back the trust of US customers, VW wants to appease consumers with vouchers. As compensation, owners of affected VW diesel models should receive prepaid credit cards worth 1,000 dollars (930 euros) and a free breakdown service for three years, reports the dpa do not waive their right to sue. Audi is planning a similar program for its US customers in the next few days. In response to the coupon campaign in the USA, consumer advocates called for a similar regulation for German customers.

US customers have to forego the new Passat with diesel engine entirely. After the US environmental authorities no longer granted the diesel engine a new approval, production has now been stopped.

KBA requires follow-up tests

In the scandal surrounding manipulated CO2 values, confessions from VW engineers obviously shed light on the darkness, as the picture reports. The souped-up information on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in cars from the VW Group can be traced back to manipulated test procedures.

For example, the tire pressure was increased to more than 3.5 bar in order to reduce rolling resistance. In addition, diesel has also been mixed with the engine oil so that the car runs more smoothly and uses less fuel. According to the newspaper report, the fraud began with embellished fuel and CO2 information from hundreds of thousands of Volkswagen models in 2013 and ran until spring 2015. Otherwise they would not have been able to meet the requirements of ex-CEO Winterkorn, according to internal confessions. p>

Meanwhile, the Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) has ordered that all affected models (1.4-, 1.6- and 2.0-liter diesel engines and the 1.4-liter petrol engine, type EA288 EU6) die Pollutant emissions, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions have to be re-determined. Before that, the KBA wants to check the respective measurement processes at VW and its service providers. To vehicles currently considered notappear affected, the KBA will commission inspections.

Trouble for VW employees in the USA

Trouble is imminent VW employees in the USA. According to a report in the 'Süddeutsche Zeitung', US investigators took a VW manager's passport because of the diesel scandal. They apparently wanted to prevent the manager from evading questioning or criminal prosecution. The report goes on to say that VW employees were reluctant to travel to the United States because they feared their passports would also be removed. A trip to the USA planned for the second half of November by CEO Matthias Müller to the L.A. Auto Show has therefore become unlikely.

The emissions scandal is also having an increasing financial impact. The profit of the VW umbrella company Porsche SE fell from January to September after taxes to 1.19 billion euros after 2.5 billion euros in the same period of the previous year. The result was significantly affected by the expenses incurred at Volkswagen in connection with the diesel issue, reports the Handelsblatt.


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