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VW eT - Postbus of the future: VW reinvents the Fridolin

VW eT - Postbus of the future
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D Even the VW eT can do more than just post bring. Driven by two wheel hub electric motors with an output of 96 kW, the eT should be completely emission-free. Thanks to the space-saving engine arrangement, the VW eT has plenty of space in the interior. With a length of 4.09 meters, it offers 4.1 cubic meters of storage space.

VW eT opens via remote control

Access to it - a two-part sliding door on the right-hand side - is opened by the messenger via remote control. From there, he not only has easy access to the load, but can also direct the VW eT via a drive stick, leaning against a standing seat on the passenger side. And if the messenger does not want to or cannot drive himself, the VW eT can also be operated semi-automatically.

VW Fridolin aka eT follows like a dog

Semi-automatic? Yes, the eT has two auto modes. In 'Follow-me' mode, he follows the deliverer from house to house - in 'Come-to-me' mode, the postman can order his vehicle to come to him. The whole thing at a speed of six km /h. If the driver sits behind the wheel, he can move the VW eT aka Fridolin at up to 110 km /h. It is questionable whether the 32.1 kWh lithium-ion battery is actually sufficient for a range of 100 kilometers at this speed.

According to Volkswagen, the eT is 'feasible for all conceivable commercial uses'. The model is now being tested and further analyzed.


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