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VW emissions scandal with diesel: That's what other manufacturers say

VW emissions scandal with diesel
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The car manufacturers were supported by a uto motor und sport confronted with the following question:

The US American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is currently accusing vehicle manufacturer Volkswagen of measuring pollutant emissions with regard to Manipulate the admissibility of their vehicles. This is to be done using cycle-adaptive software components, the EPA speaks of 'defeat device', which automatically change engine parameters before and during the official measurement process in favor of more favorable emissions. Emissions that cannot be adhered to during regular driving.

  • Do the control units and /or software used in the vehicles you offer offer the possibility of recognizing measurement cycles relevant to consumption or emissions?
  • Does this information have any influence on exhaust gas or consumption-relevant control variables of the engine or exhaust gas aftertreatment system?
  • What specific variables are these?
  • Is the NEDC cycle also recognized?
  • A cycle-adaptive adjustment also brings advantages for gasoline engines. Can /is the control of both drive concepts (are) influenced?

The answers of the car manufacturers

Nissan Germany: Suffering It is not possible for us to answer your questions in detail in such a short time. However, we hereby declare that local laws and regulations in all markets worldwide in which we are active are binding for us. Our longstanding relationship with government agencies is transparent and based on partnership, and we will maintain and continue this in the future.

Fiat /Chrysler (FCA): In the short term, we can only open use the following statement, which was sent by FCA US to the Reuters agency with regard to the US market: FCA US LLC works closely and continually with the EPA and CARB to ensure its vehicles are compliant with all applicable requirements. FCA US does not use 'defeat devices.'

Mercedes-Benz cars: The facts described in the media do not apply to Mercedes-Benz cars. A defeat device, i.e. a function that impermissibly restricts the effectiveness of the exhaust gas aftertreatment, is not used at Mercedes-Benz. This applies to all diesel and Otto engines worldwide. That is why measurements carried out with Mercedes-Benz vehicles on the road under the same conditions give the same results as on theTest bench. In addition, we have been in constant dialogue with the American authorities EPA and CARB for years about the pollutant measurement procedures in our vehicles.

Renault Germany: Renault Vehicle Development respects all applicable regulations . Renault vehicles are not equipped with a module that allows the emission regulations to be circumvented. The Renault Group supports the implementation of representative European homologation tests under real driving conditions (Real Driving Emissions), which allow the values ​​obtained in the laboratory to be confirmed on the road.

Jaguar /Land Rover Germany ( JLR): Jaguar Land Rover does not use any devices or software to manipulate emissions. The legal requirements with regard to motor vehicle pollutant emissions are carried out within the EU after a test cycle under normal laboratory conditions. Based on this test cycle, all Euro 6 diesel vehicles on the market have received a Euro 6 registration certificate signed by a representative of the approval authorities. Jaguar Land Rover is committed to developing the latest gasoline and diesel vehicle technologies to reduce emissions and meet all global standards.

Toyota Europe: Toyota has its own strategy and therefore does not sell passenger cars with diesel engines in the USA. In Europe, Toyota offers several models with diesel engines. Toyota complies with all applicable emissions regulations and carries out emissions testing and approval in strict accordance with the law.

Opel: We can answer this question in the negative. GM and its brands are committed to reliable compliance with emission limits in all vehicles. In particular, we have no 'defeat devices' in vehicles that we develop and manufacture. Of course, we expect our employees to be aware of this and to act ethically and in accordance with the law.

Ford Germany: Our vehicles and engines - including the state-of-the-art diesel units - comply the European emission limit values. We do not use so-called 'defeat devices' (applications for the manipulation of exhaust gas values). In our business activities we strive for the highest ethical standards and the greatest possible transparency. The trust of our customers, our dealers and our employees is of the utmost importance and relevance for us /p>

BMW: There is no function for recognizing exhaust gas cycles at BMW, all exhaust systems remain active outside of the exhaust cycle. This means: In our vehicles, there is no difference between roller and There is no manipulation at the BMW Group and of course we adhere to the legal requirements in every countryand meet all local test specifications.


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